Self Enumeration Census 2023 | Register via

Self Enumeration Census 2023 | Register via on this page. Self count is a revolutionary concept that allows every resident of Pakistan the opportunity to count their own self as part of this Census. This self-count portal allows citizens across the country to submit their household details for their participation in the census of 2023 for Pakistan. Go to the Self Enumeration Census Portal, sign up to log in, then fill in your digital Census form whenever you want! The Federal government extended on Friday the deadline for auto-recension in the census 2023 after receiving numerous requests for self-enumeration.


Self-enumeration is the method through which individuals are able to participate in the process of collecting data to take part in the Census.

The new portal launched by PBS offers citizens an opportunity to sign up themselves and the other household members in the national database to ensure that they will be part of the 2023 Census in Pakistan. Furthermore, the information is gathered using the ‘Household’ category which means that the user can sign up with others sharing the same address with no difficulty.

In addition, the self-enumeration website that went live on 20 February 2023 states that religious institutions, hostels rehabilitation centers orphanages, as well as old-age homes are categorized as “collective houses. Therefore, they cannot be considered eligible for using the portal for self-enumeration.

Self Enumeration Census 2023 | Register via

Self Enumeration Census 2023 | Register via

STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ON Self Enumeration Census 2023

Here’s how you can register yourself for the forthcoming digital census that will take place in Pakistan.


Go to this official PBS Self-Enumeration Portal and click on “Register at the top right-hand corner of your screen. You will be taken to a different web page, where you will be asked to fill in the following information:

  • Mobile Network
  • Mobile Number
  • Password
  • Present Residential Address
  • Present District of Living
  • Present Tehsil of Living

After filling in the required fields Once you have completed the required fields, click on the “Sign Up” button at the end of this page. The site will then prompt users to type in the six-digit number they received from the mobile number that they registered to verify their account.

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Once you have completed entering the code and the registration procedure after which you will be prompted to sign in the PBS portal will prompt you to log in with the new credentials.


  • This section is split into two parts. In the first section, it is required to add the names, ages genders, and other information of people who have lived or plan to live, eat and sleep in the same house for a period of six months. It is also possible to add the names of household members who live temporarily in other locations. Please don’t register any guests who are temporary members of your household.

After you have filled in the necessary fields, click “Save Member” to save the next person. Once all members are added, click on “Go to Next Step.’

  • The second section requires the fundamental information about each person that you’ve added to the list, including their religion, language of birth and education level job status, immigration background along with functional limits (if there are any).

Note: Be sure you enter the information for the person who is head of household first. The other household members must be entered chronologically.


After providing the details about each family member, they will be required to fill in information about their home. The online form will require users to provide information regarding the state of the household, the person who owns the property, the materials that are used to build the building and the water source, and much more.


After you’ve completed both sections of Self Enumeration Census online portal, be sure to examine the information you have included for every household member. If your forms require modifications, you can click the appropriate field to correct the details.


The final step of the Self Enumeration Census system will require the user to fill out a complete Census questionnaire. Additionally, the system can issue you with a Unique Token Number (UTN) when you’ve completed your responses.

If you are visiting your government address to collect data during the next week Please share the details of your UTN with them so that they are able to verify your data easily.

If you’re confused regarding one of the steps described above, you can refer to our video tutorial below.

We are now at the conclusion of our article about the self-enumeration website for this year’s digital Census within Pakistan. If you’re looking for more details on this topic contact us with PBS by email or telephone.

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Email Address:

Helpline: 0800-57574

Self-Enumeration Registration Online

It is known as the Mardam Shumari also referred to as the Self Enumeration Census is a crucial procedure to help a nation identify its demographics. The government of Pakistan has declared that a new Self Enumeration Census will be conducted in 2023. The most recent census was held in Pakistan in 2017. A precise set of demographic statistics should be collected by the government to help make decisions on the allocation of resources, forming policies, and establishing plans.

Additionally, the self-enumeration process has become easier and more convenient for the majority of the populace with the advent of technology. In Pakistan there are a variety of apps that are available for download at no cost, making it easier for individuals to register their own homes.

How To Download Self Enumeration App?

  • You must activate your Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Enter ” self enumeration app download” into the search bar.
  • Its 7th Digital Census Self Enumeration app, developed by PBS is the first application to show up in the results of a search.
  • In order to download the application Click”Install” and then click the ” Install” button.
  • After installing the self-enumeration software Select ” Registration” to start the registration process.
  • Completely fill in your family’s information in the fields provided.
  • Select the ” Submit” button after the registration process is completed.

Visit the official site on 

Pakistani residents can sign up for the forthcoming 7th Digital Census, which will provide the government with crucial information for governing and allocating resources. Follow these simple steps. To ensure that accurate and timely information is collected everyone must participate in the Self Enumeration Census.

Deadline to apply for the Digital Census Pakistan 

Go to this Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) website to sign up online if you would like to participate in the 7th Digital Self Enumeration Census in Pakistan. The phase for counting the count has now been extended to run from March 1 through April 4. The census has been divided into sections, the initial block covering March 1 to March 5, the second block covering the dates of March 6 to March 10, with the 11th of March being a rest day. The process of transferring will last from March 12 through April 4.

How to Use Self Enumeration Portal?

A website that’s known as Self Enumeration Portal Pakistan was developed by the Pakistani government in the hope of conducting the census. It allows Pakistani citizens to participate in the census by filling out an online form and providing their details. It is designed to make it easier, and more efficient and increase the precision of the process for taking part in the Self Enumeration Census. It has an easy-to-use interface that helps users complete the form for the census and is available to anyone Pakistani citizens who have an active CNIC. Self Enumeration Census Portal Pakistan is an important step towards updating the Pakistani census process and increasing the accuracy of data collection.

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Verification of the Information

  • Users can log into their accounts through the Self-Enumeration Portal Pakistan to amend or review their information following the submission of an application for the Self Enumeration Census. This allows users to ensure their data is accurate and current.
  • The submission of your census forms is the final step.
  • The system will require you to confirm that to the best of your knowledge, the information you’ve supplied is correct.
  • If you are sure that all the information you have entered is correct, choose the option to send the census form.
  • Keep this UTN (Unique transaction number) that will need to be transferred to your mobile.
  • Users will receive a confirmation email after they have submitted their census forms. This proves that their information was received and recorded. The confirmation email may also be printed by the user to serve their needs.

Self Enumeration Registration Portal Login 2023

Self-Enumeration for various institutions such as Hostels Hotels, Hostels Madrassahs orphanages old Houses, Jails, and Rehabilitation Centers like Edhi and many others are categorized as household households that are collectively owned. Self-enumeration will be accessible starting February 20th, 2023. So, please go to the PBS self-enumeration website to sign up. Registration for Self Enumeration 7th Digital Census 2023 via Self Enumeration

This means that the Self Enumeration Census system makes it more convenient for household members, as well as individuals. Beginning in the month of February 2023, the online self-enumeration link will become available. To sign up, go to the PBS self-enumeration website at Welcome to Self Enumeration Portal 2023. This is the 7th Population & Housing Census Government Of Pakistan.

Pakistan census enumeration digital registration

To sign up your family’s and your home’s details, be sure to follow these steps carefully:

  • Check out for self-enumeration on the Internet portal
  • Join using your mobile number, and create a secure password for your login
  • Complete the questionnaire, giving details about family housing, and the information of the respondent.
  • Complete the questionnaire
  • Following submission After submission, a UTN will be given to you. This is saved to your portal and then delivered to your mobile number by text message
  • It is important to note that self-enumeration will be only accessible to individual households. Information about household groups, such as madrassas, hostels, and orphanages, is collected by census takers.

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