AIOU Online Degree Tracking System 2023 Details

AIOU Online Degree Tracking System 2023 Details are here. The DTS is an effective system that makes it easier for keeping track of AIOU degrees. It allows you to track the state for your certificate of completion. It is the AIOU Online Degree Tracking System lets students keep track of the progress of their studies on the Internet. The program was designed in AIOU administration to make it easier. Follow the steps to track your level by using your online DTS system. Go to your AIOU DTS tracking system website.

Visit the official website to verify the status of AIOU Online Degree Tracking and input your Graduation Tracking number or roll number to find the most current information on these records. Visit to monitor your education.

AIOU Online Degree Tracking By Application ID

Students can make use of AIOU DTS to know the status of their returned applications as well as in-process applications. Additionally, it gives refund status on AIOU Online Degree Tracking applications. Candidates can also make an application to get AIOU degree verification on the internet here. At the moment of online application for the degree, AIOU displays the time of delivery. AIOU Online Degree Tracking System was launched by AIOU. This gesture of kindness from The Allama Iqbal University Degree Tracking System was well-received by the students.

AIOU Online Degree Tracking System 2023 Details

AIOU Online Degree Tracking System 2023 Details

DTS Aiou Edu pk

The DTS is a dependable system that helps you track AIOU degrees. This program allows you to track the status of your diploma. The AIOU Online Degree Tracking has many useful features that all AIOU students can benefit from as well as benefit from. Here are the benefits that you can get from DTS.

  • Incomplete / Returned Application
  • Returned Degree Cases Tracking
  • Find In-Process Applications
  • Online Enrollment Application

How to track AIOU degree by using DTS

Follow the steps and keep track of your progress with your online DTS system.

  • Go to this site to access the AIOU DTS monitoring website for the DTS tracking system.
  • Select”In Process Application” or click the “In Process Applications” link
    to view the to see the “View Application Status for PC/degree.”
  • Enter your degree tracking ID or Roll number.
  • Click the “View” or “View PC/Degree Application Status” button
  • Then you’ll be able to view all the details regarding your status as a degree holder.
  • You will find your PRC/Transcript No., Post/Courier No. Dispatch Date, and the Degree No.
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Certificate / Degree Tracking System

The system of AIOU Online Degree Tracking your certificate will provide you with complete details about your degree. These details are extremely valuable as they allow you to identify whether your degree is dispatched or not. If it’s already dispatched then the location. Therefore, we’ll make use of this information to trace further the extent of the Courier/Office as well as the TCS Centre.

How to Find Degree Dispatch Status

If you receive an email that reads “Dear Student, Your PC/Degree has been Dispatched at your given address, if not yet delivered to you, please contact your concerned Post Courier/Office or TCS Centre.” This means that you have to verify your degree at the Post office.

Follow these steps to find out the location where your degree was sent to receive it swiftly.

  • Check out the Pakistan Office Official website at
  • You’ll see the “Tracking Id” search box at the top of the screen.
  • Enter your Post/Courier No.RGL number. This number is available on AIOU-DTS.
  • Click on “Track. “Track” button.
  • This is where you can find out when your degree was removed and where it is.
  • There are also the dates, times, and locations where the degree was awarded and the location it is at now.
  • You can utilize this information to obtain your degree.

AIOU DTS Degree Tracking System Online

DTS can be described as a diploma exam and verification process that gives students full access to the academic curriculum they are enrolled in. It was designed for students so that they don’t have to go to the exam department within the institution. Instead, they will receive their degree at their home. Additionally, students are able to check their degree certificate and determine when it is due to be delivered to the address of their home.

Sr.NO Description Action
1. Address: Click Here
2. B.Form / CNIC: Click Here
3. Bank Name: Click Here
4. Date Of Birth (Matric Only): Click Here
5. Date Of Dispatch: Click Here
6. DD/Challan Number: Click Here
7. Father’s Name: Click Here
8. Fee Amount (Rs.): Click Here
10. Fee: Urgent Fee or Normal paid (status will show) Click Here
11. Mobile Number: Click Here
12. PC / Degree Number: Click Here
13. PRC Dy No: Click Here
14. Ref No: Click Here
15. Registration No: Click Here
16. Registry Number: Click Here
17. Roll No: Click Here
18. Updated: (here you see the date and time of information updated) Click Here
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Allama Iqbal Open University makes everything available online, meaning that students do not have to go to the university to complete small tasks. There are many services offered by the university that students can avail of without cost and access the necessary information. AIOU Online Degree Tracking is a great example of how it helps to cut down the time of students.

AIOU Degree Tracking System DTS

Incomplete / Returned Applications Click Here
In Process Applications Click Here
Online Application Click Here

AIOU Degree ApplyAIOU Online Degree Tracking System 2023 Details

The AIOU Online Degree Tracking is possible when you’ve previously made an application for an academic degree. You won’t receive the degree until you have applied for it. There is a charge for the degree application process, which depends on the degree. If you’ve submitted an application for a degree, but did not be granted it, you can follow it through DTS.

Also Download: AIOU Degree Challan Form

AIOU Degree Form

It is easy to earn your degree and you have to be eligible to apply. The application will require the AIOU degree form that you can download online and then submit to the department of examination. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to receive your diploma.

  • Visit the Allama Iqbal Open University Download Formulas section.
  • Scroll down toward the degree Forms section. Scroll down and go to the Degree Forms.
  • Here you can find an alternative form. Download the new Degree Form.
  • Complete the form by jotting down your personal information and the details of your degree.
  • Include all the documents you need to require in the application.
  • Send the completed form to the Controller Examination, Department of Examination Block 3 of the certificate/degree section AIOU, Islamabad.

AIOU Degree Pictures Change Application Form

The Open University gives a new option for degree holders that they can utilize to alter their photo on the certificate. The degree holders must get their Change of Picture form application from the official site and then send it in.

The student is able to request a different photo if the incorrect image is blurry or doesn’t look professional. These are the steps you must take to take pictures to prove your graduation.

  • To begin, visit first the AOU Download Form page.
  • Within the “Application Forms” section, download “Application for Change of Picture.”
  • Print the form and fill it in with personal information, including Semester Spring/Autumn Roll number and registration number, as well as the name, and father’s names.
  • Attach a 2x 1.5-inch image without approval in the personal information section.
  • Mark one or more of the below.
  • The picture you have chosen is incorrect and you have to make it right.
  • This slip of my number does not include a picture Please include the photo.
  • In the process of attaching the image be sure to check you do the following.
  • Aim for another image with a single website that is verified.
  • Be sure that your photo matches the size that is specified in the form.
  • Your image should be crystal clear.
  • Make use of a chip stick to fix the image. Don’t use paper pins etc.
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Notification: The Applicant needs to sign the form and mail this form at AIOU Islamabad Block Four address, in the name of the directorate’s administrative. It is not necessary to include any other application in this form.

AIOU Degree Delivery

AIOU will mail the degree of the student to their address. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that you must submit your application for the degree and send it to your home address. If you didn’t submit an application and you didn’t submit your application, you will not be able to get the degree. Make sure to pay the fee and submit the degree you want if you’ve previously cleared the exam.

Students are able to quickly determine the date of their degree this moment, and can also pinpoint the place where it is located. They will also be able to find the date on which the degree is awarded. All you have to do is to use DTS.

AIOU Degree Delivery Time

The date of delivery of the degree is contingent on the cost. If you request an urgent application degree, you will receive the degree within two weeks of receiving it at the address you provide. If you pay a regular amount the developer will send it one time to get the developer at your door. There may be delays because of TCS as well as postal service.

AIOU degree objection clearance

Sometimes, the university may apply for the student’s degree with an objection that you must clear. The university explains the reason for the objection and you are required to follow the necessary steps to clear it.

If you have opposition issues, comply with these steps:

  • Go to Objection Forms
  • Choose search using form no or by name.
  • Next, type in the name or number of the form in the search box.
  • Click submit and look up the reason why you are unable to submit.

AIOU Degree Section Contact Number

Phone Number 051-9250025
Fax Number 9250026
Branch Contact Number 051-2528962
Address Registrar’s Department, Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad.

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