ISSB Test Schedule 2023 Dates And Requirements

ISSB Test Schedule 2023 Dates And Requirements are here. This ISSB test will begin on the 15th of October, 2023 until October 20th, 2023. In this article, we’ll provide all exam times, dates and times. The ISSB Exam dates for 2023. ISSB Test Schedule 2023 announced in the case of Army PAF Navy Candidates. ISSB exam is held twice every year. The first time is at the beginning of each year, and the second at the close of each year. ISSB calendar is given below. For the 5 day in ISSB you will have to take a different tests. Every day, as well as test taken on that day you take on the day are outlined below:

Details Mentioned on ISSB Test Date 2022-2023

The following information will be included on the ISSB exam schedule for 2022-23:

  • Candidate Name
  • Post Name
  • Exam Date and Time
  • Important instructions

ISSB Exam Dates 2023 and Requirements

The ISSB Test Schedule 2023 comprehensive guide, requirements, and other details about the courses or Batches are listed below. ISSB tests are held twice a year. first at the beginning of the year and second at the close of each year. If you fall into any one of the following categories, you are not eligible to take part in these ISSB tests. According to the eligibility criteria currently, only candidates who are female for the GD (P) or CAE is eligible to be able to pass GTO tests.

ISSB Test Schedule January to May 2023

Post Courses Duration
Army 150 PM L/C JUN-OCT 2023
LCC-21 AUG 2023
TCC-34  JUL- AUG 2023
Air Force PAF COURSES  NOV- DEC 2023
PAF LCC-21  NOV 2023

If you’re enthusiastic and interested in joining one of the sections listed above, you may participate in the Test. The test will be held in the months of your choice. ISSB test centers are situated in Pakistan at different locations including Gujranwala as well as Kohat, Malir Cantt, and Quetta cantonments. The ISSB Test Schedule 2023 is conducted over four days. Test takers must be able to pass all the tests: Intelligence, Mechanical Aptitude Test, and Personality Tests.

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ISSB Test Schedule 2023 Dates And Requirements

ISSB Test Schedule 2023 Dates And Requirements

ISSB Testing Schedule 2023

They will then have to complete the final test for medical selection at ISSB. The call letter that is posted at the address of the candidate’s home will notify you that you will be permitted to depart ISSB testing centers. ISSB Test is comprised of a variety of internal tests that be conducted in test centers. To reach your goals, you will need to meet many conditions. The only test that can make a difference in your life.

ISSB Test Criteria

Candidates who score at least 45 percent mark in their Matric/Intermediate or equivalent are qualified to apply. Candidates who are waiting to hear the results be able to carry a part-1 test result card in the form of a hope document from their institution or college. Prior to taking the ISSB Test, all candidates are also advised to make contact with GSO 2 selection centers on the number.

ISSB Test Instructions for Preparation:

It is important to be noted that passing the ISSB test is very important to those who want to be a part of any military force in Pakistan. The following link will provide you with ISSB examination preparatory books that you need to download onto your computer and take your test from these books. Aspirants must be aware that if you don’t meet the requirements above, you won’t be able to take this ISSB Test. In addition to this, there are a few important aspects that any applicant could be disqualified for the test.

  • Anyone who is medically unfit in the Army Medical Hospital or Army Medical Hospital
  • Anyone who has been repeatedly rejected by ISSB for medical unfitness or due to medical unfitness or any other disciplinary reason
  • The candidate who has withdrawn or is denied entry to the Armed Forces Training Academy (Army Force, Air Force, or Navy Force)
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This will be all about ISSB Test information and information about the ISSB Test Schedule 2023. If you’re eligible it is important to be aware of these dates to ensure that you are amused with members of the Pak Armed Forces.

ISSB Exam Requirements

In addition to along with the ISSB Test Schedule 2023, you are also required to meet the prerequisites to pass this test, otherwise, you won’t be able to take this test. We inform you that you can only take the test if you meet the eligibility requirements listed below or ISSB test conditions.

  • Candidates are required to bring all original documents with their copies of the following certificates.
  • Affidavit photocopy from Matric certificate issued by the Board.
  • Photocopy attested of the Intermediate (FA, I.Com, FSc, I.Com) certificate or equivalent (DAE, DBA, D, Com).
  • Candidates must obtain at least 45 percentage points in the Matric Intermediate or equivalent.
  • Candidates with a certificate of O or A-levels are required to carry the certificates that have been issued by
  • IBCC Islamabad along with their original birth certificates.
  • Candidates with awaited results or part-1 results cards need to present a hope certificate issued by the relevant institution or college.
  • Candidates must reside in remote regions
  • If a candidate is found to have any of the mentioned documents If the applicant is found to have any of the above-mentioned documents, he is disqualified to take part in the ISSB test.
  • Candidates are also advised to make contact with GSO 2 selection centers on the phone prior to applying for the ISSB Test.

Note: If you’re qualified to take the test according to the above criteria, then you will be required to follow the dates below for your ISSB Test Schedule 2023.

ISSB Exam Schedule 2023 Dates for Tests

Many institutions in Pakistan offer admissions to prepare for an ISSB exam for hopefuls who want to join the Pak Army, Air, or Navy Force. These forces are called the defense departments of Pakistan and those who want to be a part of any of these forces have to be able to pass the ISSB Test. On this page you will find this page,

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The ISSB Test Schedule 2023 is provided, which is required for you to follow in order to ensure that you are able to show up on time to take your test. It is also advised that candidates who miss being able to take the test on the date of due is not allowed to take part in the test. ISSB the test.

ISSB Testing requirements applicable to female

  • Matric, FSC, and graduation results are the only ones that must be authentic.
  • Every document is attested
  • If you have already worked in a government agency, you should get a NOC.
  • The ID card is mandatory as well as Domicile

Important Note:

Prior to your visit to ISSB Test Schedule 2023 need to make contact with GSO-2 (Selection) of the concerned ISSB on the phone number listed at the bottom the GSO-2(Selection) ISSB Kohat to answer any questions regarding academic certificates. A certificate which is found to be incorrect will be canceled and the certificate will be returned without having to pay any travel or other costs for TA/DA.

Ineligibility Criteria to ISSB Test 2023

  • People who don’t meet the requirements for academic qualification set by the respective headquarters of the service.
  • People who are to be medically ineligible.
  • People who have been twice screened Out.
  • People who have been twice recommended by ISSB.
  • Students who are removed from any training academy on the basis of discipline or deemed unsuitable.
  • People who are dismissed from the government on the grounds of unsuitability or disciplinary discipline.
  • People who are dismissed from the Armed Forces on disciplinary grounds or because they are not suitable.
  • The people who are found guilty in the court of law.
  • Candidates who have appeared in ISSB in the last four months.
  • RECOMMENDED candidates are not eligible to take part in tests of any kind for one calendar year beginning from the day of their recommendation ISSB ISSB Test Dates 2023 Schedule and Requirements.

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