Pakistan Railway Booking 2024 Online E-Ticket

Pakistan Railway Booking 2024 Online E-Ticket on this page. Pakistan Railroad has launched the PakRail online ticketing system. BookMe is glad to offer online train ticket booking for Pakistan, and you may book your railway ticket fast and easily starting now. It is fairly simple to book railway seats from your house. Enter your CNIC number, your name, and the name of your train, then click the book button. You can now purchase your desired rail ticket online without leaving your house.

Currently, Pakistan Railway’s web-based ticketing system has been digitalized. This Pakistan Railway Booking 2024 software allows travelers to purchase train tickets from their homes quickly and easily. You can buy tickets online to reserve your seat on the train. Passengers can reserve tickets at any time by visiting and using the electronic ticketing system.

Pakistan Railway Booking 2024 Online Ticket 

Pakistan Railway has an online site where you can buy train tickets. Select your travel itinerary and reserve your seat. An online fare calculator that calculates your travel cost is also available. It’s easy to book railway seats online from your home. Input your CNIC number along with your name, train, and number when you click the button to book. In a flash, you’ll see an opportunity to make the payment. After that, you must launch your Jazz Cash, EssayPaisa, and Upaisa applications to pay for the fare. Enter the invoice’s number and finish your ticket.

Pakistan Railway Booking 2024 Online E-Ticket

Pakistan Railway Booking 2023 Online E-Ticket

How to Pay For Pakistan Railway Tickets Online

You’re on the right track if you’re looking for information about the Pakistan Railway Booking 2024. Learn the whole article to learn exactly how the Pakistan Railway Booking 2024 online system operates. Pakistan Railway receives online payment for seat reservations. The railway has now Pak Railway has introduced an electronic ticketing system. Customers must follow all instructions to book online railway seats. It is imperative to save the confirmation SMS for the online ticket purchase. Any time Pakistan railway ticket checkers can see the confirmation SMS of your ticket.

Booking Online

Pakistan Railway Online Ticket Booking

The four sections i.e., Scinde Railways, Indian Flotilla Company, Punjab Railway, and Delhi Railways, worked in a single company and later combined into Scinde, Punjab & Delhi Railways Company and bought by the Secretary of State India in 1885. In January 1886, the company was renamed North-Western State Railways, which was later renamed North Western Railways.

How To Register Railway Ticket Online

In the period of partition, North Western Railways’ 1847 route mile was transferred to India, leaving the route mile 5048 to Pakistan. In 1954, the railroad line extended up to Mardan along with the Charsada section, and in 1956, the Jacababad-Kashmore 2′-6” railway line was transformed into a broad gauge. Kot Adu-Kashmore was built from 1969 until 1973, providing an alternative route from Karachi to the upper region.

Pakistan Railway Time Table

Anyone considering an excursion to an excursion on Pakistan Railways can look up the Pakistan Railway TimeTable 2024 online. It’s an easy process. Visit the official site and click on”timetable” from the menu. Click on the “timetable” button to verify the timetable of your specific train. Click here to see the timetable and more. Review your seats on the Pakistan Railway Booking 2024 online procedure.

Pakistan Railway Fare Price

Pakistan Railways train prices provide specific information on each town in Pakistan. Numerous trains, including high-speed trains, connect Pakistan’s major cities frequently. According to the most recent Pakistan Railways timetable, ticket prices for all Pakistan Express passenger trains are available at every railway station. The full Pakistan rail chart shows ticket prices and fees for sleeper, sleeper, and coach seats.AC First Class Dorm AC Dorm AC Business Dorm and AC Anatomy.

Pakistan Railway Ticket Verification

Pakistan Railway offers online tickets for all tracks. Customers should confirm their tickets’ status. In addition, they can purchase railway tickets at stations. In this case, you need to save your tickets after your journey. Verify your ticket’s serial number on the internet.

Pakistan Railway e-Ticket Price

In the past, buying Pakistan train tickets was a straightforward task. It was a tedious process. The people had to wait in queues for long periods, then pay the required amount to obtain their tickets with much effort. It’s now quite bizarre since people don’t have to worry about tickets to train stations since technology has provided the world with plenty of amenities that require greater services in all areas of life. Pakistan Rail’s electronic ticket system and Pakistan Railways’ ticket booking system are also part of this system.

Popular Destinations Price

From Lahore to Karachi Up to 1400 Rs
From Rawalpindi to Karachi Up to 1550 Rs
From Multan to Karachi Up to 1000 Rs
From Quetta to Karachi Up to 800 Rs
From Karachi to Islamabad Up to 1550 Rs
From Lahore to Islamabad Up to 500 Rs
From Multan to Islamabad Up to 600 Rs
From Quetta to Islamabad Up to 1850 Rs

Pakistan Railway Online Booking App

In the past, purchasing a ticket for a Pakistan train ticket online was not an easy job. The process was monotonous. People would wait in line for hours, and upon their return, they paid the amount, and in the process, they got their tickets after a lot of effort. The way it is now appears strange because many people don’t need to bother with it to get a train ticket since technology has offered them numerous amenities that make them require more amenities in all spheres of existence. Pakistan Railways’ e-ticket system and Pakistan Railways reservation tickets are a part of this system.

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The current Minister Of Pakistan Railway CEO of Pakistan Railway is Farrukh Taimuri. The current minister is Ms. Khwaja Saad Rafique (SR General Manager). Presently, it has one subsidiary and six departments.

The Ministry of Railways also launched the Pakistan Railways Vision 2026 initiative, it aims to increase PR’s share of the transportation market in Pakistan from 40% to 20 percent. The initiative proposes new improvements in locomotives and other innovative technologies. The International Union of Railways is a major and active part.

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Pakistan Railways e-Ticketing System

This system increases confidence in Pakistan Railways and brings other positive changes to Pakistan Railways, such as high-end Green Line trains, electronic signal systems, automated gate systems, and others. With the online ticket reservation system, those living in Pakistan can hire or purchase tickets to every train anytime, at any location. You can view the fair from various stops and other stations. They can also create their next schedule by their schedule and without having to visit train stations. This way, they can cut down on time. On this page, all tasks related to railway e-tickets are also accessible.

Confirmation of Pakistan Railway ticket

Pakistan Railways provides online ticketing for all tracks. Passengers must confirm the status of their ticket purchase. In addition, customers can purchase train tickets at the stations. In that scenario, you must save the ticket until the end of your trip. Confirm your ticket with the online serial number.

Pakistan Railway Contact Numbers

  • Landline No: 042-99201941
  • Railway Auto Dial: 042-2872
  • Fax: 042-99201961
  • Email:

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