HRMS Online Leave Apply 2023 | SIS Punjab login HRMS

HRMS Online Leave Apply online on this page. It is available online through this page. The SEDHR Punjab portal has been revamped to accommodate teachers. The HRMS is an HRMS system that was specifically designed especially for educators in Punjab through Punjab’s School Education Department Punjab. It functions by analyzing how teachers feel about their teachers. School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab has released an online application for C-Leave. All employees and teachers of the Punjab’s School Education Department, Punjab can now apply for C-Leave/E-Leave via HRMS Punjab. HRMS Punjab portal, SED HRMS Punjab.

The HRMS online leave Application 2023 through login details are available here. Public sector reforms, specifically in the field of education, have been criticized. Teachers in Punjab did not have a way to take a casual leave working. Teachers are now able to apply for casual leave online using an application on the SIS Punjab app and HRMS portal. Automating the application process enables teachers to request casual leave quickly and efficiently while eliminating human intervention. We can provide all the information you need about registration on this page.

HRMS Online Leave Apply 2023 | SIS Punjab login HRMS

HRMS Online Leave Apply 2023 | SIS Punjab login HRMS

How to Apply for C-Leave on HRMS

School Education Department, Govt. of Punjab has released the online application form to apply for C Leave. C-Leave is a teacher’s temporary leave that is granted by the government for various reasons. Teachers and staff who work for their respective departments of the School Education Department, Punjab can now apply for C-Leave and E-Leave through HRMS Punjab. HRMS Punjab portal. Find the complete article on HRMS Online Leave Apply.

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Online Leave Apply

HRMS leave application accepted

Schools Education Department Punjab has modernized the process for leave. The old system required applicants to wait and present evidence of their funds in order to receive permission to leave. The government has simplified the process to obtain leave. Teachers and other staff members who aren’t employed by departments of education in schools are able to apply online for leave.

How to Apply for HRMS Online Leave 2023 Step by Step

We’ll present to you the complete procedure for granting casual leave and describing the procedure

  • To begin, navigate to the HRMS website at
  • Enter your mobile app SIS Punjab account details (CNIC + password) when you click the link for Teachers to login into the HRMS system.
  • Locate Your Leave Request Category link in the upper right-hand corner of your profile.
  • Click on the Apply Leave button.
  • Make sure you fill out the online form completely and click”Process” to complete your online application for CL.

First, we would like to thank all teachers who aren’t aware of the various options for leave that are available when they apply online. The announcement was issued through the Punjab Directorate of Public Instruction (EE) Punjab about the online application for C-Leave. The official announcement was made by the Punjab Directorate of Public Instruction, EE Punjab on November 29, 2023. How to apply online in the case of HRMS casual leave: It’s easy to fill out an online application to apply for HRMS casual leave. Teachers and teaching personnel don’t need to go to the office to fill out an application.

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Types of Leaves on HRMS
01 Leave for casual reasons
02 Earned Leaves
03 Extraordinary leave (EOL)
04 Maternity leave (M.T)
05 Paternity leave (P.T)
06 Hajj leave
07 Ex Pakistan leave
08 lddat leave
09 Medical leave
10 Study Leave
11 Leave Preparatory To Retirement (Lpr)/Leave Encashment
12 Umrah Leave

Sedhr.Punjab.Gov.Pk Online Leave Login 2023 permits teachers to request leave online. It was established in the name of Punjab HRM to provide casual leave to teachers. Teachers in Punjab can submit an online application for C Leave on The website is accessible to teachers as well as other employees from within the Punjab Education Department at schools.

Online Leave is available via the SIS and HRMS 2023

Employees can make use of Android phones to connect HRMS or SIS apps on mobile devices. HRMS or SIS mobile applications. The school education department is required to submit online applications for the leave. This is a wonderful initiative by government officials of the Punjab government to assist the employees from the Department of school education. In the event of a mistake or omission, applicants need to notify SIS or HRMS of the administration.

HRMS Leave Online Govt Punjab Approval 2023

It is common to have two leaves each month that are not paid. In the case of the deputy DEO (for middle and elementary schools) might be able to accept up to 15 C-leaves, if the circumstances allow it. Following a month of employment, regular employees taking vacation get one day of vacation, while employees who aren’t professionally trained get the right to take four vacation days. In exchange for payment, vacation days are given.

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The introduction of technology that is digital Punjab Human Resource Management has implemented online teacher leave. The portal for leave is simple to use and simple to comprehend for every teacher. If you’re not sure how to do online leave procedure, go through this article thoroughly.

HRMS Punjab Login/Sign in 2023

In this post, we will provide complete details about online leave available to teachers. This article is completely updated with online leave information. For the first time in the history of education, teachers from elementary, primary, and higher secondary schools in Punjab get the leaves they need online. Prior to that, teachers had required to visit multiple offices to get their leaves. However, now is the opportunity to apply online to take Casual leaves.

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