SNGPL Online Bill Check 2024 Reference Number

SNGPL Pay Online for Bills 2024 Receive the SNGPL bill online each month. Sui Northern Gas Pipeline dispatches bills online at the end of each month. Every customer of SNGPL will get the gas bill online at present. Many customers don’t get their bills and end up not paying. They are in trouble and need to pay penalties. There’s a solution for SNGPL customers who receive duplicate bills. Enter the bill reference number from your previous bill to receive an online copy of the SNGPL statement.

Find your online SNGPL copies of bills at no cost. We allow browsing the online SNGPL Gas Bill details and downloading or printing the duplicate bill from Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited.

Most of the time, Sui Northern gas invoices don’t arrive on time or are not received before the due date, but you can view the bill. Download and view your Sui gas bills online and be protected from any late payment charge or the disconnection of Sui gas connections. online bill payment 2024

Bills are issued according to the meter readings taken by the installed meter and calculated based on rates announced by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) for all types of consumers. In general, the case of pressure is used to calculate the corrected amount of gas used by commercial consumers, and pressure, temperature, and super-compressibility factors are used to figure out the adjusted amount for gas consumption by Industrial or Bulk customers of the supply.

Pay SUI Gas Bill via ABL

Allied Bank has joined forces with SNGPL and SSGC to ensure you can pay your bills easily via e-banking channels like myABL (Internet and Mobile Banking), ATM, myABL Wallet, and Allied Phone Banking. Follow the steps below to complete your payment online. The partial payment option is also available to make payments at your convenience.

View online for SNGPL invoices for no cost. offers the option of accessing online SNGPL bill information and downloading and printing duplicate bills for Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited. The majority of Sui Northern gas bills are not completed in time or not received before the due date, which is why you can look up and take a copy of your Sui bills online to save yourself from any late payment fee or the disconnection of Sui gas connections.

How to Check SNGPL Duplicate Bill Online

The name implies that SNGPL is the sole natural gas distributor in the northern portion of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. As with the other divisions, it was originally an unincorporated private company. The British India Act governed the corporation and was passed in 1963 before the establishment of Pakistan. Later, the corporation was promoted to the status of a corporation. The headquarters is in the capital city of the province of Punjab. It is responsible for two provinces in Pakistan: Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Learn carefully how to verify your SNGPL bill online. Download a copy of the Sui gas bill, and learn how to print the SNGPL invoice online.

SNGPL Online Bill Check 2024 Reference Number

SNGPL Online Bill Check 2022 Reference Number


To get the SNGPL online bill, all you need to do is take these easy steps, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Get your most recent bill and look over the account number on the bill.
  2. Enter the ID into the shown box, and then hit enter.
  3. After that, your bill will be created in minutes. You can look it up as a PDF, download it, or print it by pressing CTRL+P.

Duplicate SNGPL Bill Online

Anyone who wants a copy of their Sui Gas invoice at home can download it today from this website( and receive a printed copy. You’ve come to the right spot if you’re searching for a Pakistani duplicate of the Sui Gas Bill. You can find the duplicate bill process for Sui North Pakistan. Also, check out the full procedure here. Check SNGPL Duplicate Bill Online

Print your gas bills online and then print the bill in its original form here. Sui Northern Bills is now accessible on the internet for Pakistanis. Don’t fret regarding your expenses. If you’re a homeowner or industrial user, go to an invoice website, download your invoice form, and print it out.


SNGPL refers to Sui North Gas Pipelines, limited. It was initially an unincorporated company but was licensed under the 1913 British India Act in Jan 1964. It was listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, and customers began buying various shares. SNGPL supplies gas to different locations in Pakistan to approximately 6 million individuals every month. It is very popular and one of the most profitable companies in Pakistan.


Users are now able to estimate their bills on our website easily. To calculate that, you must input the amount of gasoline you believe has been consumed by your residence, and the estimated bill is generated in just two seconds.

Sui Gas Bill Online Calculator

The SUI Gas bill calculator is fully operational online. Users must be able to estimate the amount of their Sui gas bill using the meter reading of cubic meters. It is required to indicate the connection type during online calculation. Use the following credentials to see your gas bill.

  • Previous reading
  • Current reading

There will be a lot of information concerning your reading. The following information will be displayed before you.

  1. HM3
  2. MMBTU
  3. Days
  4. Slab Applicable
  5. Tariff
  6. Gas Charges
  7. Meter Rent
  8. GST
  9. Calculated Amount

SNGPL Online Bills 2024

Sui Northern Pipeline’s business has a grand plan to provide more services. To achieve this, Sngpl is trying to meet the end-user’s requirements. While ensuring a steady Gas supply is accessible throughout the urban regions of Pakistan. In addition, rural areas have also been provided with this service through the company’s collaboration. With many other options, Sui Northern Gas Company made a major step and introduced an online bill payment system to give peace to its customers. It is now no longer necessary to leave the house to pay bills. Also, if you want to check your internet bill services, everything is easily accessible.

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