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The Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) suspended sales tax registration for seven taxpayers who could not submit tax returns for four consecutive periods.The Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) collected Rs 89.952 billion in the last eight months, from July 2024 to February 2024, which falls far short of the target of $150 billion. The Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) has suspended submitting sales tax for seven taxpayers who were unable to file tax returns for four consecutive tax seasons. Several expert panels will attend the online conference, including top lawyers, renowned academics, and judges from around the world.

In an email and letter to Pakistan Automation Revenue (Pvt) Limited (PRAL), the SRB stated that seven taxpayers were promptly terminated. A variety of legal topics concerning the EU and Banking Union law will be addressed.

Early Bird Registration will close on August 19th, 2024.

Early Bird Registration will close on Friday, the 19th of August, the 19th of August. 2024.

Act 2011 provides that registration for a person can be removed if they have not fulfilled their obligations under the Act. The Chief Minister could investigate Sindh Sales Tax (SST) revenue collection and other issues.

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In addition, rule 10 of the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Rules 2011 states that registered persons are subject to tax liability if he is found to be accused of deliberation or fraud. SRB chair Wasif Memon, briefing the CM, said that the SRB has witnessed an impressive increase in revenue collection. He also stated that in February 2024, the SRB had collected Rs12.406 billion, representing 23 percent over the amount in February 2024.

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He also recommended maximizing revenue collection efforts to achieve the goal set. The CM also directed SRB to ensure they can reconcile their claims and counterclaims to FRB. The non-filing practice violates the tax laws of the province.

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Further, it is the case that Rule 10 of the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Rules (2011) also provides that if an individual registered with the SRB commits fraud, deliberate non-payment or short-payment or tax evasion, or the non-filing of tax returns during four consecutive tax years, the SRB as well as an official of the SRB designated by the board in this respect may suspend registration of the person.

Sindh Revenue Board SRB Registration 2024 Online Verification

Sindh Revenue Board SRB Registration 2023 Online VerificationInterested candidates must be Sindh Domicile. Any other applicants are not eligible for application. Please note that no information is admissible to tests or interviews. Female and male candidates can apply for any position during the written exam. Mobile phones are not permitted. This page will contain Sindh Revenue Board Jobs November Karachi STS Application Form Appellate Tribunal Latest to find out more recent government posts in Pakistan. Stay tuned to us.

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The Act was in effect from July 01st, 2011, and SRB was given administering collection and enforcement and the enforcement and collection of SST according to the Act. Tax returns not filed constitute a violation of Provincial tax laws. SRB is also responsible for general tax policy and taxpayers’ education. Facilitation of education for taxpayers, in addition to tax administration. Access rights are not restricted to the documents in this registry.

The SRB declared it was working to maintain tax compliance and increase its tax base. They had been involved in several talks with the Pakistan Dental Association (PDA) to discuss introducing the Sindh sales tax on aesthetic and cosmetic dental services that fall under the tariff category 9842.0000 under the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act in 2011.

This listing of cosmetics, as well as other aesthetic dental treatments, compiled from the PDA in collaboration with SRB:

  • i. Teeth whitening
  • Lingual braces,
  • Dental veneers
  • Gold teeth
  • The placement of diamonds or other dental jewelry
  • Smile makeovers/enhancement techniques, as well as
  • Other cosmetic or aesthetic procedures used to maintain, protect, or improve physical beauty or appearance, and procedures falling within the grade I “No Need” by the IOTN Index as identified by dentists.

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The SRB advised all dentists offering tax-deductible services to be registered electronically by province revenue authorities by going to and following the step-by-step procedure following the entry of their SNTN or contacting the SRB helpline for assistance.

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