Rs 750 Prize Bond Draw Result 15 January 2024 Check

Make your plans for an exciting announcement from the National Savings division today, 15 January 2024, following the highly anticipated Rs. 750 Prize Bond Draw No. 97, the results of which will be announced in SIALKOT. Rs 750 Prize Bond Draw Result 15 January 2024 Check Online. 750 Prize Bond Draw No. 97 will be revealed and available on Check out the latest results of the draw and the 775 Prize Bond List 2024 right here! Find out the winning numbers for the first, second, and 3rd prizes and the complete schedule for the year.

The 750 Prize Bond Result List 2024 was released on 15 January 2024, both in the morning and evening. The 97 draw prize bond of Rs.750 will be held in Sialkot on 15 January 2024. The representative of National Savings said that the first prize of this Rs.750 Prize Bond is Rs.1,500,000, the second prize is Rs.500,000, and the third prize is Rs.9,300. This page lets you check out who won draw 97 from the Rs. 75 prize bond. The numbers of the winners are below.

Prize Bond 750 Result List 2024

A prize bond can be described as a kind of lottery bond that allows people with low or moderate incomes to earn a substantial amount of money quickly and build a solid savings account in no time. Each year, many people can achieve this by winning fortunate draws. The prices of these bonds differ but are affordable for people of all ages. The prize bond of 750 is the third-lowest on the list. The winning amount of this bond is more than the sum of Rs 100 and Rs 200. However, the only thing that is the same in all these bonds is that the prize is awarded to three position holders, which comprises 1 1st, 3rd, 2 2nd, and 3 3rd.

Draw 97 Rs. 750 Prize bond List Sialkot Full Result 14 January 2024

1st Prize Bond Number, Prize Amount 1500000 PKR


2nd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 500000 PKR

177661 – 786994 – 953433

3rd Prize Bond Numbers, Prize Amount 9300 PKR

3rd List Rs 750 Prize Bond Winning Rurpees Amount will be updated soon

Rs. 750 Prize Bond List Online Check

All draws worth Rs. 750 are listed from the most recent first. First and 2nd numbers for Rs. 75 are listed on this page; however, to view the prize lists for third place, you must click”Full List” of Rs. 750 of the draw you are interested in. You can use our search function to locate your prize bond number immediately in various lists of Rs 750 prize bonds. Additionally, we have our Power Search feature where you can search for your various Prize Bond numbers or enter the first and final numbers of the series if you can.

Subject 750 Prize Bond Result List Draw 97
Held On 15 January, 2024
List Uploaded Time Morning 10:00 AM and Evening 3:00 PM
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How do I claim the prize if you win the prize of Rs. 750 Prize Bond

You can claim a winning prize bond within six years after the draw date. To claim the prize, you must submit an original certificate of the prize and a copy of your CNIC to the National Saving Center or the State Bank of Pakistan. Depending on your filing, certain tax amounts are deducted from the prize amount.

Rs. 750 Prize Bond Draw Result 15 January 2024 Check

Rs. 750 Prize Bond Draw Result 15 January 2024 Check

750 Rs. Prize Bond List 2024 Draw Result

Prize Bond result list 750 and the 2024 draw schedule are available online. Anyone who wants to purchase the prize bond in their preferred amount can find the details regarding the National Savings 750 prize bonds on the internet. Visit the official site for SBP and Edunewspk to learn more about the 750 rupees. Prizes bonds balloting dates under the schedule. View 750 Rs. prize bond winning amounts and the sale points for the 750 reward bond. You can check out the complete list of draws for the 750 bond prize with the most recent and previous draw results online. You can also download it. It is recommended to look up the latest updates on this prize bond’s draw results online since it is available to users in time.

750 Prize Bond Result List 2024

Here’s where you can get the draw results for Draw #97 on the 500 Rs Prize Bond Lists. Lucky Draw No. 97, featuring a prize bond worth Rs. 775, was held at Sialkot City on 15 January 2024. You can also go to their official site or to check out the complete listing of the Rs. 750 prize bonds, from the first to the most recent draw. You can also review the 750 prize bond results list for 15 January 2024 by the National Bank of Pakistan.

Winning Amount for Rs. 750 Prize Bond

  • 1st Prize: Rs. 1,500,000 (1 winner)
  • 2nd Prize: Rs. 500,000 (3 winners)
  • 3rd Prize: Rs. 9,300 (1696 winners)

Don’t miss your opportunity to be among the lucky winners! Watch out for the final announcement and see whether luck is with you. Look at the results, and grab the chance to create a 2024 year that you will be remembered by participating in the Rs. 750 prize Bond draw!

Check Online Rs 750 Prize Bond Result 2024

The idea of the reward bond program was developed in 1960, simultaneously in Pakistan. Introducing this scheme aims to allow the common public to become wealthy quickly. The bonds awarded to winners are issued on behalf of the Finance Ministry of Pakistan.

However, these National Saving prize bonds are responsible for the initiation drawing of the lottery and distributing the bonds to individuals who request them. They are supervised by the State Bank of Pakistan or the Central Directorate of National Savings. The general public purchases prize bonds with different values, including 750, and waits for the draw results. You’re on the right page if you own the prize bond of Rs 750 and are looking for the draw results. On our site, you can quickly look up all draw results.

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