PTCL Complaint Registration 2023 | Ptcl Complaint From Mobile

PTCL Complaint Registration 2023 | Ptcl Complaint From Mobile. Sometimes, you require or require assistance from PTCL’s products or services. Imagine your telephone line was down or has distortion in it, or your internet broadband has connectivity issues or slow internet speeds or your EVO Wingle/CharJi phone isn’t receiving adequate signals and speeds of 3G or 4G. You can complain to PTCL complaint. You can sign up for a brand new PTCL Complaint , or review what’s happening with your previous PTCL Online complaint quickly. If you’re having problems with your PTCL telephone service, or your PTCL internet service isn’t working properly, or you require help with any other service associated with this PTCL company, you’re in the right spot.

PTCL Complaint Registration 2023

It is easy to get in contact with PTCL customer care representatives. PTCL offers many options to report complaints with them. PTCL grievances (like complaints through the PTCL Complaint Number service) and provide feedback on their service. When you are at a point of frustration you will feel the need to talk to an actual support agent managed by humans to address your issues as soon as possible.

There are a variety of methods to file an inquiry with PTCL regarding any issues or issues you’re experiencing regarding their services.

PTCL Complaint Using Phone

To reach the PTCL helpline using your landline or cell phone, dial 1218. You’ll be connected to PTCL support representatives at their call center after waiting a few minutes. Sometimes, you’ll need to wait a bit longer because of a line of people trying to connect with the helpline agent.

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PTCL Complaint Using SMS

PTCL has developed an innovative and quick method to solve customer’s problems through the use of SMS. Customers are now able to easily submit complaints using their personal mobile phones with regards to any problems they face with PTCL services.

5 (Five) simple steps to file the complaint via SMS

Enter CMP into your SMS application.

  • Enter your area code and your landline number.
  • Use PTCL’s product code (LL for broadband, BB for landline)
  • Send SMS to 05 1218 1218
  • You will be issued a registration number for complaints

Methods of registering PTCL Inquiry

There are six ways to report a problem with PTCL Services to the company representatives. They are described in the following paragraphs: PTCL Complaint Registration Online

PTCL Complaint via Phone

If your internet isn’t working as it should, contact the PTCL Helpline number at any moment to resolve your problems. PTCL helpline phone number is “1218”. This number can be reached via your landline number as well as your mobile phone number. After a few minutes the call will be answered by an PTCL representative.

PTCL Complaint Registration 2023 | Ptcl Complaint From Mobile

PTCL Complaint Registration 2022 | Ptcl Complaint From Mobile

PTCL Complaint via Sms

You can also submit your grievance by sending an SMS message to PTCL Helpline number, which is illustrated in the image below. We’ll walk you through step-by-step on how to register:

  • Start the SMS application to your phone.
  • Enter ” CMP” (without commas) Give the space.
  • You can then write your code for your region and Landline number in the same way as (0423712345). Then, give space.
  • Input the Product code of your PTCL (” BB” for Broadband connection, and ” LL” for Landline connection).
  • Send the message the message to the following address ( 0512181218).
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(Format Example: CMP 0423712345 BB)

  • After the SMS was received, you will receive an email with a Complaint Registration Number.
  • Simply send a message with the subject line ” Help” and mail this to the exact phone number( 05 1218 1218).

PTCL complain about mobile 2023

There are times when you’ll have to wait a little longer because of the long queue of users trying to connect to the helpline representative. The most widely-known method for making complaints to PTCL because it’s completely free of charge and does not include the charges for data related to your internet connection or mobile phone when using the online service on your computer or laptop. Contact the staff at PTCL and register complaints.

PTCL complaints WhatsApp number 2023

PTCL has developed an innovative and fast way to resolve customer issues through the use of SMS. Email is a way to record complaints. Customers are now able to make complaints via their mobile phones with regard to any issues they encounter with PTCL services.

How Can I Register Ptcl Internet Complaint Online 2023

Ptcl provides the fastest internet speeds to its customers. It also provides affordable rates. If your line is down or shows distortion or your internet connection that isn’t working , or is not getting enough internet speeds or your EVO Chrji or wingle device isn’t receiving the proper signals or speeds of 4G or 3G. One of the most difficult issues for customers is that they are not able to reach the PTCL customer support phone numbers because of any problem with the wifi router or the landline to fix the problem.

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Ptcl Complaint Whatsapp Number 2023

We offer all the necessary number of PTCL which users who use PTCL are able to easily locate Helpline and get their questions answered quickly. Everybody would benefit from an electronic system since it can save you a lot of time. You can easily establish an electronic bill bank account and make transactions.

Ptcl Complaint From Mobile 2023

To open an account using an electronic bill, you need to provide details about the names of your parents and grandparents and a number (with an area code) and an account number (available on your Bill) along with an email address and mobile number.Now those who are PTCL customers are able to submit complaints through the PTC Online Complaints Service, as well as using SMS messages sent on their cell phones.

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