PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 Apply Online

PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 Apply Online through this page. Canal Patwari jobs provided by the Punjab Public Service Commission ( PPSC) are desired by those who wish to be employed. The job opportunities are for Patwar Canal only required to have an intermediate-level degree and an attestation of three years of computer proficiency. Make an application online today for the government job openings at the ppsc.gop.pk. Canal Patwari. The jobs are open to freshly trained workers and those with experience.

Find the all job description, details on salary as well as education requirements here. It is estimated that the canal patwari jobs beginning salary ranges from approximately Rs 32000-Rs 34000 per month. The principal task job of Canal Patwari is to keep track of the documents of water and land in the areas that are canal-irrigated across the country. The application process for these posts can be done online through PPSC. PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 are open to male and female new graduates, fresh students as well as skilled job seekers.

Canal Patwari 930+Ppsc Jobs-Apply Online 2023

The minimum requirement required to be eligible for PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 is intermediate, and an attestation of computer proficiency for three years. Candidates need to be able at a speed of 50 WPM. Take a look at the full salary scale for the job and salary, as well as education courses, course and training requirements for the required skills knowledge, experience, and certifications to apply for Canal Patwari jobs today in both the government and private sectors on the internet. If you’re a novice or seasoned professional looking to make a change or gain employment and work, you’re on the right path.

Canal Patwari Jobs In Irrigation Department 2023

New jobs are available in December 2023. PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023, November 2023, and job openings for October 2023 in all cities, which include Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Gujrat, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, AJK, etc. Good News!! For those who are searching for Govt job openings within Punjab State. New Government Jobs In Faisalabad. Latest Sarkari Naukri in Pakistan 2023.

PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 Apply Online 

PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 Apply Online

PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 Last Date

The application process for the position of PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 is now completed and the deadline to submit an online application is October 10th in this month. Candidates with the required qualifications are invited to apply online via their official site PPSC between 07:00 hrs and 17:00 hours. The process of selection will be determined by a Written Examination followed by Personal Interview. It is possible to fill a of 1,205 vacant positions in this job The pay range ranges from 18,000-39,000/- and the grade pay of Rs 5000/- per month.

PPSC Test Roll No Slip

Eligibility Criteria of PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023:

Inclusion in the PPSC is an important aspect to take into consideration when applying to any job, such as the position of Assistant Director at PPSC. To be eligible for PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 applicants must satisfy certain guidelines established to be met by PPSC. The requirements for eligibility for Assistant Director at PPSC typically comprise:

  • Candidates must process a minimum intermediate degree
  • A 3-year professional computer certificate is also needed for canal patwari job openings.
  • Candidates should also be able to type fifty words per minute of typing speed.
  • Education: Candidates must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in the pertinent field from an accredited university. Some fields thought to be relevant are Business Administration, Public Administration, Political Science, Economics, and any other field.
  • Prior experience: The candidate must possess experience that is relevant to their work of at minimum three years. The experience could be in the private or public sector and must be relevant to the PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 duties of the Assistant Director position.
  • Age Limit: Candidates should be in between the age of 21 between the ages of 21 and 35. However, there could be some exemptions from age requirements for candidates belonging to specific categories, such as minorities, disabled people, and those living in remote regions.
  • Domicile: Candidates should have a residence in the province in which the job is advertised. For instance, if the PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 will be advertised in Punjab the applicant must possess a Punjab residence.
  • Additional requirements: Candidates could additionally have to be required to take an exam written or interview as well as a medical exam, as well as meeting other requirements imposed by PPS.
  • It is vital to understand that satisfying the eligibility requirements will not guarantee the selection post. Candidates must be able to perform well during the selection procedure to be evaluated for the post of Assistant Director at PPSC.
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How To Apply Online For PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 Bps-11

  • All parents who wish to apply for a PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 should first visit Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC official website, i.e. www.ppsc.gov.pk
  • If a candidate has already an account on the PPSC website, they have to log into their PPSC account.
  • Candidates who are new to the field need to create a PPSC online account before they are able to apply for jobs at canal patwari.
  • To be eligible for canal patwari jobs, applicants must hold an intermediate degree. Also, those with a higher degree are required to be enrolled in a PPSC Online account.
  • When a candidate has completed the PPSC online application, hit the submit button to complete your application for canal patwari job openings.
  • When you’ve submitted your application, download your PPSC Challan form. You can pay it using the easy paisa system or Jazz Cash.
  • The last date for canal patwari has not been officially disclosed and these positions will soon be announced by PPSC therefore keep checking back with Punjab Public Service Commission for the latest details about the PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 at canal patwari.

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Canal Patwari Bps-11 Salary Details:

Parents who are looking for PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 are not aware that they could be selected based on BPS 11. Canon Patwari is therefore eligible to draw a salary that is comparable to BPS 11 as well as allowances of the irrigation department. Based on a rough estimate, PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 is expected to earn $35000 every month. But this is an approximate estimation of Cana Patwari’s salary. The exact salary details are only available from the irrigation department in Punjab.

PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 Working/Responsibilities:

The Assistant Director position in PPSC includes a range of responsibilities essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire department. The duties of the position differ based on the particular department, however, some of the most important responsibilities for an Assistant Director at PPSC include:

  • The process of establishing and implementing policies as well as procedures that ensure smooth running for the entire department.
  • Supervising and monitoring the work of staff members subordinate to you as well as providing them with direction and assistance.
  • Supervising and managing various initiatives and projects carried out in the Department.
  • Conducting analysis and research to discover patterns, problems, and potential to improve.
  • Budgeting and managing budgets, as well as keeping track of expenses and making sure they are in compliance with financial regulations.
  • Insuring records and producing reports about the department’s performance and activities.
  • Working together with different departments and stakeholders to accomplish common goals.
  • Ensuring conformity with the relevant laws regulations, policies, and laws.
  • Offering expert guidance and direction to the head of the department as well as other senior officials.
  • Attending meetings, conferences, and other occasions that are related to the work of the department.
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The Assistant Director within PPSC is accountable for the smooth operation of the department and for ensuring sure that work is done efficiently and efficiently. They play an essential role in assisting the department head and aiding in achieving the department’s goals and goals.

Basic Pay Scale (BPS) and Salary:

The Basic Pay Scale (BPS) and Salary are crucial elements in every job. They have a crucial role to play in attracting and keeping employees. As a PPSC Assistant Director, The basic pay scale will be BPS-17, and the salary ranges between 45,000 to an apex of 80,000 PKR per month according to skills and previous experience. Furthermore to that, a PPSC Assistant Director might have access to different allowances and benefits like medical facilities and house rent allowances as well as transportation benefits. The pay and benefits package could also be subject to periodic changes from the federal government.

The Basic Pay Scale (BPS) determines the pay scale of various public sector employees based on their job duties and work experience. It is a BPS system is a system of grades. The salaried employees’ wages increase when they advance higher up the ladder. This BPS system is extensively used within Pakistan’s government sector organizations and provides a uniform method for determining salary.

Apart from the Basic Pay Scale, the Assistant Director’s PPSC salary package could differ depending on a variety of aspects, including qualifications, experience, as well as the responsibilities of the job. Higher levels of education and experience could be the cause of higher wages and responsibilities in the PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 could also result in higher compensation.

A PPSC Associate Director might also be eligible for annual bonuses or performance-based rewards according to their achievements and level of seniority.

In short in the end, in the end, Basis Pay Scale (BPS)and salary are vital elements that make up your PPSC assistant director’s work. A salary that is competitive and a variety of allowances and benefits could keep skilled and qualified individuals on the job.


Promotion is an essential aspect of every job because it gives employees an opportunity to progress in their careers and accept new assignments and challenges. For the post of Assistant Director in the PPSC, there are several opportunities for advancement depending on performance and experience. Assistant Directors may be promoted to higher levels like Director, Deputy Director as well as Secretary dependent on their experience or qualifications as well as their accomplishments.

The process for promotion usually involves reviewing the performance of an employee, which includes their attitude to work, their ability to achieve goals, their leadership skills, and communication capabilities. Employees who exhibit an unwavering dedication to their work and organization, and an ability to accept new challenges, are typically considered for promotions first. Furthermore, those who strive to enhance their skills and expertise through education and professional development chances are likely to get more senior posts.

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It’s important to understand that promotion isn’t assured, and workers have to actively pursue their goals in the workplace by showing their worth to the company. For those who are dedicated to their job and are trying to improve their professional status the position of Assistant Director within the PPSC provides plenty of opportunities for professional growth and growth.

PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 Facilities:

Facilities offered to Assistant Directors within the PPSC are very attractive and varied. They are qualified for a variety of benefits and perks, in addition to their basic pay. The facilities provided to Assistant Directors are designed to inspire the staff and keep them focused on their job.

The most important benefits provided for Assistant Directors at the PPSC are their health Insurance policy that covers them as well as their families. This policy pays for the costs of medical treatment in the event of injuries or illness which gives them assurance and financial security. Additionally, they have the right to a fund for providence that allows them to save a percentage of their income each month to fund their future. The fund is available to be claimed after retirement or upon completion of a specified time period of service.

Assistant Directors within PPSC are also given free transportation and this eliminates the stress of traveling to work. This option is particularly helpful for people who live far from their workplace. They also provide free lunch which is a wonderful benefit for busy professionals who don’t have time to cook meals at home.

In addition to these features, Assistant Directors are given as well as a cozy working environment. They are employed in office spaces that are outfitted with modern technological equipment and tools. They also receive learning and growth opportunities to improve their abilities and skills.

Promotion opportunities are another opportunity for Assistant Directors within PPSC. They may be elevated to higher levels according to their achievements and level of seniority. This lets them rise up the ladder of career advancement and take on more demanding tasks and duties.

In final, the facilities provided to Assistant Directors at PPSC arere attractive and are designed to encourage and keep them focused on their job. The facilities not only offer financial security but also create an inviting and relaxing work environment that is vital to the efficiency of employees and their satisfaction.

Contact Info:

  • UAN: 042-111-988-722
  • Phone: 042-99202752
  • FAX: 042-99202766
  • Email: ppsc@punjab.gov.pk
  • Website: www.ppsc.gop.pk

PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs 2023 Apply Online


Canal Patwari jobs are a great opportunity for those who are interested in a career in the government. The jobs offer a good salary and a number of benefits. If you are interested in applying for PPSC Canal Patwari jobs 2023, be sure to check the official advertisement when it is released.

Additional Information

  • The PPSC Canal Patwari jobs 2023 are open to both men and women.
  • The application process is competitive, so it is important to prepare your application carefully.
  • The PPSC Canal Patwari jobs 2023 are a great opportunity for those who are looking for a stable and secure government job.

I hope this article has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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