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This page provides information about Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF Artisan Training Sche and Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF Merit List 2023 Artisan Batch No POF Merit List 2023 Download PDF by www.pof.gov.pk. Pakistan Ordnance Factories published an advertisement in Daily Express Newspaper regarding Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF merit List 2023 for staff hire at POF Hospital in Wah Kant. 55 Online Application at www.pof.gov.pk The POF Government Pakistan requires that you fill out an application form for the POF Hospital Wah Kent.

View or download the Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF merit list 2023 ARTISAN (55THBATCH 1ST PHASE) online. Before submitting, please verify that the information you have provided is correct. The Pakistan Ordnance Factories POF artisan training Schee and the POF Merit List 20022 for the Artisan batch No. This website. Pakistan Ordnance Factories published an advertisement in the Daily Express Newspaper to fill the POF hospital in Wahkant. Online Applications can send at www.pof.gov.pk. The POF Government in Pakistan asks for an application to the POF Hospital Wah Kent.

POF seniority 2023 Merit List

This institute was the one that announced government policy admission. Students can now view the DAE degrees that they are interested in to apply to this program. You can apply for POF jobs published 11/05/2023. Many students want to know if their admission has been granted to other languages. They believe they will be eligible if they are able to get two degrees at once.

POF artisan jobs 2023 Merit List

Last date to apply for these permanent career opportunities is 24-6-2023. First, students must have successfully completed the education of matriculation and have a valid certificate from the beginning of the session. Students who believe that they can apply for the diploma because they know they have completed a FSC degree are not eligible.

Artisan (55th Batch 1st Phase) – Pakistan Ordnance Factories Check Online
 Pakistan Ordnance Factories Check Online

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The “Pakistan Ordnance Factory” is a public sector industrial complex located in Pakistan. POF Jobs 2023 Merit List Check Online. Students under 20 years old are not eligible for this session. POF is seeking energetic and strong candidates who are interested in sports or other fields to offer them job opportunities.

You must be highly qualified and skilled to apply for the POF Wah Cantt job. All nationalities can apply. Please fill out this application form if you are interested to join the POF Merit List at Wah Cantt Hospital and apply for these job openings. POF stands for Pakistan Ordnance Factory. This is a Pakistani Armaments Company that operates under the Pakistan Army. The official website of the POF Merit list Wah Cant Hospital Application Form is www.pof.gov.pk.

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Pakistan Ordnance Factory POF Artisan Merit List 2023

It supplies weapons to Pakistan’s Defense Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Police). For those interested in owning a weapon, it also provides security-related services. All interested applicants must visit the POF website to apply for the POF job. The Pakistan Ordnance Factories are also known as POF. Recently, the POF Artisan (55th batch 1st phase) Merit List Was Released. If you are looking for the Merit List POF, applicants can visit the www.pof.gov.pk official web portal or click on the below provided Result link.

POF Merit List 2023 Download PDF | www.pof.gov.pk

POF Merit List 2023 Download PDF | www.pof.gov.pk


How to Check POF Merit List 2023

To check your results, applicants must provide the required information such as CNIC number and Application ID. Then click on Submit button. Once you have completed all of this, you will be able to view the POF 2023 Merit list and other jobs. A large number of applicants participated in the POF Vacancy Notice. The performance in the POF Test will determine who is selected. You can quickly download the POF Merit list in PDF format and check Roll Number and other key details.

POF Merit list Download 2023

POF Merit lists, which are similar to Federal Government Merit Lists, are highly desired because they offer attractive salaries and other benefits for their employees. April 24, 2023 is the last day to submit your application for Pakistan Ordinance Factory POF MERIT List.

Soon, POF results will be available. This page is suitable for you if you are looking for a list of selected candidates’ names/roll numbers. We provide an official link to download POF Merit List 2023 without any cost. Only selected applicants are eligible to proceed to further steps of the selection process. Huge Computation For POF Jobs 2023. Many Appliers Are eagerly waiting for selection. In a few days, the Organization will upload the selection list of relevant posts. To find your results, we recommend that you continue to connect with this page.

POF Merit List 2023 Check Online

Each week, a new merit list is released. The current Merit List applies to Matriculation candidates. They are also welcome in the Handicraft Training program. To be considered for the latest POF Wah Kantt position, you must be highly skilled and competent in Pakistani. All nationalities are eligible to apply. If you are interested in applying for the Wah Cantt Hospital POF Merit List and these positions, please complete the application. The Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF) is the name. This Pakistani Armaments Company is managed by the Pakistan Army. The official website www.pof.gov.pk contains the application form for the POF Meritlist Wah Cant Hospital.

Www.Pof.Gov.Pk Merit List 2023

Here’s a job listing from The Daily Express. Before Wah Cant Hospital can hire personnel from POF Hospital, they will need FCPS Part II training. For the hiring of 100 artisans in Batch No. 1, both male and female Pakistani citizens are invited to apply to Pakistan Ordnance Factories. 55 Phase-I.

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The largest defense industrial complex in Pakistan is Pakistan Ordnance Factories. It produces conventional arms and ammunition to international standards. Wah Cantt is the headquarters of the POF Board. Currently, POF consists of 14 Ordnance Factories as well as three Commercial Subsidiaries. Pakistan Ordnance Factories also specialize in the manufacture of commercial explosives, and hunting ammunition, and possess extensive facilities for the production of brass, copper & aluminum ingots, extrusions, and sections for no-military applications.

Pakistan Ordnance Factory Merit List 2023

Visitors, if your goal is to secure your future, you might consider the passing doctors, who have successfully passed FCPS Part 1 in both emergency medicine and ordinary medicine. Are You Looking for Pakistan Ordnance Factory Merit Lists? All Pakistani newspapers are reporting on the upcoming Pof Result Jobs 2023.

Information about admissions to Pof including details about the exam, sessions and programs, as well as the deadline for applications. We offer Pof Jobs for July 2023, Lahore and June jobs for May, all cities. Some of the most important cities in Pakistan are Rawalpindi (Islamabad), Faisalabad (Faisalabad), and Multan. All Pof Wah Cantt Adverts for 2023-2023 are available in one newspaper. Pof Result jobs are open to both new and experienced workers. The POF Wah Kantt is accepting applications for the fall and spring semesters.

POF Seniority List 2023

It is a great time to make use of it, as once you have been selected for the training program, you will learn new skills during this session. These FCSP Part II trainee positions can then be applied for on to the POF wah Cantt merit lists. The POF offers a job with good pay and benefits for its employees.

Pakistan Ordnance Factory Jobs 2023 Merit List

Here are the details and eligibility criteria to apply for the Pakistan Ordinance factory advertisement. Both male and female applicants must have successfully completed their Matriculation with Science & DAE. Pakistan Ordnance Factories, a weapon manufacturer, is located in Wah Cantt. (Punjab), Pakistan.

Www.Pof.Gov.Pk Job Application Form

Only eligible candidates between the ages of 17 and 21 are eligible for this recruitment. The original establishment of the unit was made under British rule in India in 1895 as a small arms unit. All Pakistanis can apply. It was once known as “Small Arms Factory” and is currently the fourth-largest global arms manufacturer.

POF tenders 2023 Merit List

At this moment, only technology programs are offered. If you are interested in learning how to manage the DAE and language classes as well as how to transfer to the next level, please contact the school.

Pakistan Ordnance Factory POF Merit List

You can also view the job requirements, salary, educational qualifications, and other details if you’re interested in applying to Pof Result Jobs. These jobs are available to students of all educational levels, including inter-, matric, graduate and master’s. Admissions to Pof are currently open. The newspaper advertisement for those who are interested is now officially launched. Apply Online for POF Jobs 2023 in Pakistan Ordinance Factory Wah Kantt. Don’t delay if you are a high school student looking to be admitted to Pof POF. The spring and fall semesters for 2023 admissions are already full.

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POF Eligibility Criteria 2023

These vacancies will only be available on a contractual basis for a period of one year. This degree is best for people who are skilled in technical work. These students will not be eligible if they think they can only understand the theory and not learn about the practical side of things. They can still perform practical work.


Here is where you can find admission information, according to government policy. They stated that students can now determine how many DAE degrees are required to be admitted to this type of student. Apply for POF positions that were posted on 11/05/2023. They want to find out if they have applied for other languages. They believe they will be eligible if they obtain two degrees simultaneously.

List of Merit Lists 2023 Pakistan Ordnance Factory

Visitors looking for better prospects may be able to find help from the FCPS Part 1 graduates in emergency medicine, general surgery, and pads. Continue reading to learn more about Pakistan Ordnance Factory POF Merit List 2023

POF ARTISAN JOB 2023 Merit List

You must submit your application no later than 24-6-2023 in order to be eligible. Eligible students are those who have completed their matriculation education and have a valid certificate for the first year. Students who believe they only have the right to apply for this certificate if they have a FSC degree are not eligible.

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The “Pakistan Ordnance Factory”, a public-sector complex in Pakistan, is known as the “Pakistan Ordnance Factory”. This session is not open to students younger than 20 years of age. We want to hire passionate, strong and enthusiastic applicants for a range of sports and other activities.

Www.Pof.Gov.Pk Job Application Form

This program is only open to those between the ages of 17 and 21. In India, a small arms unit was created for the first time in 1895 under British rule. You must be a Pakistani citizen to apply. It was once known as the “Small Armaments Factory”, but it is now the fourth largest arms producer in the entire world. Wikipedia

Www.Pof.Gov.Pk Jobs 2023 Apply Online

The job opportunities for each province are listed on the POF website, www.Pof.Gov.Pk. The Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF-Mercit List) is a manufacturer of firearms in Wah Cantt. All Pakistani Newspapers have the latest Pof Result Jobs 2023 jobs. Information about admissions to Pof including details about the entrance test, classes and courses, and the deadline to apply.

Www.Pof.Gov.Pk result 2023 by name

There are July 2023 Pof Results Jobs, June 2023 and Mai 2023 jobs from all cities, Lahore included. Rawalpindi. Islamabad. Faisalabad. Multan. All Pof Wah Cantt admissions for 2023-2023 are listed in one newspaper. Both new and experienced Pof Result workers can apply for jobs. These are the most recent admissions to POF Wah Cantt semesters of fall spring and autumn.

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  • Website: www.pof.gov.pk
  • Email: chairman@pof.gov.pk
  • Phone No: +92 51 9314055, +92 51 9055-21010

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