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The Punjab government offers e-licenses to private schools within the province. Private schools across Punjab require an E-License. Govt has made online registration available for private institutions. Punjab Information Technology Board is providing PEPRIS online registration for 2024. School owners who own private schools must fill out a PEPRIS online registration form with precise information.

Additionally, the district education inspectors will inspect private schools. The school registration E-license has no expense, and the school’s owners must pay registration fees. Private School Online Registration Punjab has been started via Please visit to log in/sign up for your account.

How do you sign up for PEPRIS 2024 on the internet? How do you complete it? This blog post can help you! This blog post will guide you through how to sign up with PEPRIS online. We’ll also provide some useful advice. Sign up online and create an account. You can go through this article to find out everything you need about PEPRIS registration 2024, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or an expert user.

PEPRIS Create Account Online

In 2024, the PEPRIS School Education Department collaborated with the PITB to create an online registration system for private schools in the Philippines. Obtaining an electronic license to enroll in an independent school in 2024 is simple. Private schools in Punjab can use this site to sign up for an e-license and pay a fee using the epay (online payment service). This Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website contains all the details you need.

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DAR accepts E licenses in the final. Schools with E licenses can request renewals of these. Visit to complete an online license for private schools. Without registration, private schools are not allowed to operate on the premises of Punjab province. So far, the Punjab government has approved 67,070 private schools. Punjab School Education Department has launched initiatives to facilitate private school registration. School owners who plan to register their school must submit a building fitness certificate.

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The School Education Department has introduced an online portal allowing private school registration. It allows you to check the status of private schools. Renewal status can also be seen as an independent school. To verify the status of private school registration online, use the district’s name, the owner’s CNIC number, and the mobile number. Instantly, you will see the private school registration e-certificate/license.

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PEPRIS Online Registration 2024 Create Account Online

PEPRIS Online Registration 2023 Create Account Online

How do I enroll in a private institution within Punjab online?

  1. Visit Private Education Provider Registration And Information System (PEPRIS) Website:
  2. Log In To PEPRIS
  3. Create New Application
  4. Enter The School Information
  5. Enter The Contact Information
  6. Enter The Building, Hygienic And Stats Information


How do I sign up for a private school?

It is free, and you’ll receive your license within two weeks after you submit your application. Access credentials based on CNIC will be given to CEOs on this platform. Once you have received the license, the virtual school will open, and you can start enrollment of students. Field employees can log in by using logins that are the same that CEOs use using other systems, including eTransfer or SED Hotline.

Data entry for private schools by CEOs 2024

Before beginning the application process, be sure you’ve read all the guidelines to be licensed. This will let you understand what documents and information you’ll need. District Education Authorities will complete the PEPRIS profile of the platform of all schools that DEAs register in the initial phase.

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The innovation economy of Punjab is built around the Punjab Information Technology Board, an independent organization set up by the Punjab government. Among other things, the Board aspires to modernize governing procedures via transparency-inducing measures and to improve people’s digital literacy. The PITB is dedicated to providing IT infrastructure and services to businesses and the government across the United States and worldwide in a timely and effective way. Learn how to verify the private school’s enrollment here. Registration 2024

PITB has created a contact center and an email service to assist school administrators in assessing the accuracy of their information. CEOs will be given login credentials built on CNIC. This is intended to allow field workers to log in with logins CEOs have previously used with other systems like eTransfer and SED Hotline. In the beginning, District Education Authorities (DEAS) will finish the PEPRIS profile of the platform for all private schools associated with DEAs.

PEPRIS Online Registration 2024

Registrations online and renewals are soon to be accessible to private schools to reduce time and costs. PITB will create an instructional video for employees involved in data entry and the CEO’s office. The profile will be prepared for every private school registered with the DEA. The data entry staff should fill out the profiles using school data from private schools.

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