PCSIR Financial Support 2023 for Masters and PhD

Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR) (Ministry of Science and Technology) announces financial assistance to M.Sc./MS/M.Phil and PhD Students and Researchers for Sample Analysis and Instrumental Access. PCSIR Financial Support 2023 for Masters and PhD students. Applications are accepted through the prescribed form along with the mentioned documents. Students who are enrolled on MSc or MS, MPhil, and PhD in Chemical Sciences and Bio Sciences Physical Sciences Agriculture sciences, and engineering programs can apply.

Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) was founded in 1953 under the Societies Act to promote the goal in the field of Science and Technology in the country. Since 1973, the PCSIR has been working as per the Act of Parliament, which was amended in 1984. The Chief Director of the Council is Chairman, elected by the Federal Government. The 21-member Council is the policy-making organization of PCSIR that is comprised of three members: the Chairman, three members of the Body that governs the Body Three Directors of PCSIR Laboratories Four representatives from four ministers, four Directors from Industries and one representative from each province, and six representatives from industry.

PCSIR Financial Support 2023 for Masters and PhD

PCSIR Financial Support 2023 for Masters and PhD

Today, we have great news for graduate and doctoral students. In the most recent announcement, The Ministry of Science and Technology made the decision to provide the students with M.Sc./MS/M.Philor PhD Researchers/students for instrumental access/sample analysis. The government also decided to provide financial aid to those who cannot pay their fees. Anyone who wishes to benefit from this program must complete the necessary form following the following procedure.

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Eligibility Criteria for PCSIR Funding for MS and PhD

M. Sc./ MS! M. PhilM. Phil. PhD students/researchers who are enrolled in research institutions of the public sector as well as universities, R&D organisations, as well as strategic research centres in Pakistan subject to the approval of the supervisor of research and department head and Director.

Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research PCSIR is an organization with a good reputation and is the largest organization for R&D in the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan. PCSIR is financially supporting MSc MPhil, MS, and PhD students/researchers to provide Instrumental Access/Sample Analysis enrolled in public sector research institutions and universities. R&D Organizations and Strategies research centres in Pakistan. Students can apply for the support program by filling out the Requisition Form along with other required documentation and instructions. Students can apply for support, registration is open for the duration of PCSIR’s Financial Support to Instrumental Access for 2022.

What is the process to apply for Funding

Students can apply for support by sending the Requisition Form along with other supporting documents to the person who is undersigned. Visit www.pcsir.gov.pk to download the Requisition Form and other necessary documents as well as the guidelines.

To be eligible for facilities, the person applying must fill in the demand form, which includes the following documents:

  • Description of the research proposal in summary
  • Copy of the Research approval Proposal/Synopsis
  • Consent (Letter) of Service Provider
  • A quotation via the Provider
  • A brief profile of the Research Supervisor
  • Endorsement from the supervisor of research and department head and Director has to be obtained on the appropriate page of the application form.
  • The applicant must complete the application no later than 8 weeks before the sample analysis.
  • Applications will then be assessed and then voted upon through the Project Management Committee at PCSIR
  • A decision by the Committee will be made known directly to applicants.
  • For all cases that have been approved, PCSIR will issue an award letter to the candidate.
  • When they receive an award certificate, candidates could send samples to service providers to be analyzed.
  • Service providers will examine the samples and bill the person who is interested.
  • A service supplier will then send the claims for payment to PCSIR and will also verify the claims.
    • Original Invoice
    • Results Acceptance Voucher
    • Copy of the results
  • The applicant must be able to submit a satisfactory application which is then verified by their supervisor.
  • PCSIR will transfer the cost of analysis for sample directly to service providers in accordance with the terms of service.
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