Pak Army Female Nursing AFNS Merit List 2023 |

Pak Army Female Nursing AFNS Merit List 2023 Check online on this page. The waiting list of candidates who have been selected has been released here. It is announced that the GHQ Selection Committee has decided to invite candidates only for interviews in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Multan, and Rawalpindi to take the preliminary exam and medical exam. After you have paid the fee, take the admit card to the Admissions Office. It is called the female nursing in the Pak Army AFNS 2023 Merit List is open for the application process for nursing admissions each year. Only qualified applicants are eligible to apply. Once you have earned a Bachelor of Science degree with high marks, the program will offer attractive salaries as well as ease of access up to lieutenant rank.

Pak Army Female Nursing AFNS 2023 Merit List

The Pakistan Army has announced its merit list for the AFNS 2023. Out of a total of 1,010 candidates, 810 have been selected for the first phase of the selection process. Out of these, 584 are male and 254 are female. The cutoff score for selection into the first phase was 360 out of 600. In order to qualify for admission into the second phase, candidates must have scored 350 or more out of 600 on the preliminary examination.

The selection process comprises two phases – a written test and an interview. Candidates who score over 350 in both phases will be admitted into the second phase. The written test is composed of questions from relevant subjects such as military history, ethics, leadership, law and regulations, and medical procedures. Candidates are required to answer at least 50 questions correctly in order to pass the test. The interview is conducted by a panel comprising officers from different fields such as military history and medicine. It focuses on assessing candidates’ skills and knowledge in these fields.

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Candidates who are not selected for admission into the second phase will be given an opportunity to re-take the written test or interview. Those who fail either one of these tests twice will not be given another chance and will be discharged from service.

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The Pakistan Army has announced the names of the female nursing students who have been awarded Merit in AFNS (Army Foundation College Sindh) examination. The successful candidates will be commissioned as officers in the army medical corps. The following is the list of female nursing students who have been awarded Merit in AFNS examination:

1. Sharmila Kayani
2. Roshni Aslam
3. Sumera Bibi
4. Sobia Saleem
5. Aasia Bibi

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As the world marks International Women’s Day, it is noteworthy to mention that the Pakistani Army has always been supportive of women, especially in terms of their careers. Recently, the army has announced that it will induct female nurses into its ranks from next year onwards.

This move comes after the army was criticised for not having enough female officers or soldiers. The army has responded by saying that it wants to give women equal opportunities and achieve excellence like men in all fields. This is a big step forward for Pakistani women as they have long been fighting for recognition and respect in a culture that views them as second-class citizens.

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The induction of female nurses into the army will pave way for better healthcare for both personnel and civilians in Pakistan. The nurses will be able to provide essential care to soldiers during combat operations and during humanitarian missions.

Pak Army Female Nursing AFNS Merit List 2023 |

Pak Army Female Nursing AFNS Merit List 2023 |


How can females join Pak Army after FSC

There are around 1.5 million female members of the Pakistani Army and there has been a long history of women serving in the military. Female soldiers are now integrated into all aspects of military life, including combatant roles. A recent move by the Pakistan Army to admit more female nursing officers to the rank of lieutenant colonel demonstrates their commitment to equal opportunity and inclusion.

The Pak Army Nursing Service (PANS) is one of the most distinguished services in the Pakistani armed forces. The PANS was established in 1950 and currently has around 2,000 nurses serving in its ranks. In addition to providing care for soldiers on operations, PANS nurses also work in field hospitals and provide support for other units operating in remote areas.

In order to be eligible for admission into the PANS, females must have completed a degree in nursing from a qualified institution. After completing their initial training, new nurses are assigned to various military hospitals across Pakistan.

Despite some challenges – such as limited opportunities for promotion – female soldiers have made significant contributions to the Pakistani military over the years. Their dedication and commitment to service make them an integral part of Pakistan’s defence force.

Join Pak Army Female Nursing Service Merit List 2023

The Pakistan Army Female Nursing Service (AFNS) is looking for talented and dedicated nurses to join their merit list. The AFNS offers a challenging and rewarding career with excellent opportunities for growth and development. The nursing service provides care for Soldiers, officers, and civilians in military hospitals.

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The AFNS welcomes qualified female nurses from all over the world. Applicants must have a university degree in nursing, be registered with the relevant professional body in their country of residence, and meet necessary medical requirements. In addition to meeting the aforementioned requirements, applicants must also have excellent oral and written communication skills, be able to work independently as well as part of a team, and have strong organizational skills.

Interested nurses should visit the website for more information or contact the AFNS Headquarters at +92-21-4427252 or email

Join Pak Army as a Female Nursing Service

Joining Pak Army as a Female Nursing Service
There is an increasing demand for nurses in the Pakistani military. The army has been looking for female nurses since the 1990s, when the number of injured soldiers increased. In 2001, the army established AFNS (Army Female Nursing Service), which recruits female nurses from universities across Pakistan.

The service provides nurses to hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities across Pakistan. The Army pays the nurses an annual salary of Rs25,000-$30,000. AFNS also provides free housing and medical insurance.

Since its establishment, AFNS has recruited over 1,300 female nurses. The majority of these nurses are students who have completed their undergraduate or graduate studies in nursing.

Some applicants must pass a physical examination and meet other requirements before being accepted into AFNS; these requirements vary depending on the position that they are applying to. For example, candidates for registered nurse positions must be able to pass a written exam and a clinical test.

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