NADRA ID Card Tracking Status Check Online or SMS

You can monitor how your application progresses about CNIC, NICOP, Form-B, and more with an SMS service by NADRA. To make life easier for residents, NADRA has introduced this simple, quick, and easy service that allows users to monitor the status of his CNIC or Form-B. Application with just one text. If you’ve applied for the first time a CNIC or Form-B or any other document issued by NADRA and would like to know the status, you can access this service to check the status of your CNIC and Form-B.

This article will cover NADRA Identification Card Status Tracking Online and ID Verification SMS Check. NADRA is taking the initiative to ensure ease for Pakistani citizens who do not have to go to the office for anything small. Two services offered include NADRA Identity card tracking and NADRA verification via SMS.

NADRA ID Card Tracking Status Check Online or SMS

NADRA ID Card Tracking Status Check Online or SMS

NADRA SMS Tracking Service (8400)

You can verify what’s happening with your ID card, Form-B, or even Form-B through the tracking number that is printed on the card. To check the identity card’s application status, send the tracking ID to 8400. Then, open the Write SMS from your mobile phone and send twelve digits of the tracking code to 8400. For instance, 123456789000 8400.

Check Online

NADRA Verification Online Complete Guide 2024

Everybody is connected to a mobile phone, as a cellular connection allows them to check the accuracy of their Nadra ID Card records. Another alternative can be to check the Nadra Online Verification Portal or Nadra Tracking ID Find Online 2024.

This article will provide information on both of these methods. Before you use one of them, it’s best to study the document carefully since it contains fees for each service. Tariffs are a crucial factor in deciding on the best option.

NADRA is an autonomous organization that works in partnership with the Secretary for the Interior of Pakistan. To meet the demands of the 21st century, Nadra was established in Pakistan and also opted to help those living in Pakistan by permitting them to access the internet. To verify whether your ID card is in good condition, sending an SMS using the Tracking ID number 8400 is possible. Click”Write SMS” or the “Write SMS” option and transmit the 12-digit tracking number to 8400. For example, you can send “123456789000” to 8400.

NADRA CNIC Verification Via SMS | NADRA Tracking ID Check SMS

Nadra SMS service is available for tracking and verification using Nadra CNIC Identity Card. It is possible to use this method to access Pakistan using any mobile number and with any network. But, you must follow the steps below to confirm Nadra CNIC using SMS.

  • Use the local messaging application that is built into your phone.
  • Tap “Create the message” and enter the CNIC number to confirm. Make sure you input the 13-digit CNIC ID Card Number with no hyphens.
  • Now, send a message via CNIC at 7000.
  • As a response to your request, Nadra will send you the name of the CNIC owner as well as that of his father, who is the person who holds the ID Card.
  • NADRA costs the amount of Rs10/-, inclusive of taxes for confirmation of SMS.

Check Online NADRA Tracking ID by SMS

Enter your CNIC number, but without any other number, and then transmit the number to 7000. When you receive the message response, you will receive the name of the person who made the purchase and the father’s name. The cost of sending this message is Rs.10 plus tax per message. All Pakistan telecom companies offer this service to their clients. With this service, users can verify the identity of anyone they want. This is extremely useful in identifying fake ID Cards used by those trying to commit fraud.

Election System Verification 8300

The four digits connect you to the Pakistan Electoral Commission. You can verify your “voter record” by texting the CNIC (ID card) number without the punctuation mark (+) to 8300 for no cost. This service of SMS verification is typically very beneficial during elections in Pakistan.

CNIC & B-form Tracking 8400

If we are planning to renew or apply for a fresh duplicate of form B (also called CNIC within Pakistan, the country), we need to wait until the official deadline to pay the regular cost and urgent fees. The best alternative is to use an SMS service that operates daily for those who need it.

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