MEPCO Bill Online Check 2023 Duplicate Bill Download

Check your MEPCO bill online by or on this site. This is a free website that allows you to view your mepco bills online check 2023. You can view your bill details, including the amount and due date. MEPCO Bill Online Check 2023 Duplicate Bill Download by Reference No or CNIC Number. Download a copy of your bill or print it out for payment. Enter your 14-digit reference number to view your mpeco electricity bills. MEPCO Electricity customers have some great news. You can now check your July MEPCO online bill from this website. There’s no need to wait in line at the MEPCO office to receive your bill. The digitalization of the world is taking place in Pakistan.

MEPCO Bill Online Check 2023

If you’re looking for mis or to find your duplicate bill from mepco, enter your reference number into the input field and view your bill amount. Mepco bill makes it easy to obtain mepco utility bills. You can now easily download duplicate bills. This blog will cover all details. Please read the article to learn more about MEPCO bill. Also, how to get MEPCO bills online.

MEPCO Duplicate Bill Download

Are you worried that Multan Electric Supply Company didn’t send you your MEPCO bill? No worry! We offer simple online tools to help you generate duplicate MEPCO bills for free. Do you struggle with your Mepco electricity bills each month. allows you to view MEPCO bills online. This is a free service that allows you to view your MEPPCO bill online. You can check Multan, the due date and any previous bills.

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The Mepco bill can be viewed online for residential, industrial and commercial electricity connections. After you have provided your 14-digits reference number, you can view your electricity bill (Bijli) and print it. This site allows you to view and print your mepco bill. You can quickly get your Mepco bills.

MEPCO Bill Online Check 2023 Duplicate Bill Download

MEPCO Bill Online Check 2023 Duplicate Bill Download


MEPCO Online Bill Check 2023

You are a MEPCO Customer? MEPCO duplicate billss may be available. It can be difficult to deposit your electricity bills on time. It is an embarrassment and a waste of time to stand in long lines. The bill is often received one day or less before the depositing date. This makes it difficult to relax.

Information about Bills

You can view mepco bill to quickly see the total bill with due date. Then you can view the entire bill. Here you will find the date of meter reading, bill issue date and amount due after due date. You can only view the status of your last month bills to see if it is paid. You can view the entire bill and then refer to the bill payment history. Here you will find the records of the last 12 months as well as the amounts paid.

Mepco Peak Hours

Mepco recommends reducing electricity consumption during peak hour. This will reduce your electricity bill and stabilize the electric supply throughout the region. Here are the peak hours of mepco:

From April through October 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM
From November through March 6 PM – 10 PM

How do I check the MEPCO Bill?

These are the steps you need to take to view your mepco bill online

  1. Visit
  2. Enter a 14-digit reference number.
  3. You will now see the most recent bill amount and due date.
  4. To view the complete bill, click on “View Full Bill” to download a copy.
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You can be viewed on any device (desktop/mobile) and is responsive. To check your mepco online billing, all you need is the 14-digit reference number that you will find on any bill copy. It cannot be accessed by CNIC or your name. You can view your bill online at the mesco bill website if you are located in KPK.

Check Online MEPCO Bill

WAPDA Bill Online Check

The majority of the time, the consumer didn’t receive their bills on time. This causes them to not be able to deposit their bills and, in the end, disconnect of electricity. WAPDA has developed an online bill checking system that allows customers to view their electricity bills online.

WAPDA created the PITC Web Bill Service that anyone can use to locate their duplicate bill. It is simple to use and has an easy interface. You can check your WPDA Bill Online by following these steps.

  • First WAPDA Bill Service Website.
  • This page lists all Electricity Distribution Companies.
  • Click on the company to which you want electricity such as LESCO or PESCO, GEPCO etc.
  • You will now be on the search page for the bill. Here you will need to type ” Reference no” then click on ” Search”.
  • You can access your bill wherever you are. Print your bill, or download it as PDF.

Get your MEPCO bill via email in 2023

MEPCO has solved another problem. The tension that comes with worrying about when the bill will arrive at your house. Sometimes the bill arrives late, and you wait for it first thing in each month. Sometimes the bill is delivered two days before the due date. This can be very frustrating if you are busy and need to find the time to pay the bill. But no more.

Multan Rahim Yar Khan Dera Ghazi Khan
Muzaffargarh Bahawalnagar Pakpattan
Khanewal Sahiwal Bahawalpur
Rajanpur Layyah Vehari
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You can now register your email online and get your MEPCO bill by email. However, we recommend that you check your Mepco bills online it’s fast and easy. It’s easy. All you need to do is to enter your reference number and email ID. Your MEPCO bill will be delivered to you by the due date. This option is for those who don’t want to download the bill every time and only want it in their email inbox. You can also keep a digital record of all MEPCO bills you receive. It’s safer and more convenient.

Multan Electricity Bill Prices or Tax

MEPCO implements a variety of taxes on utility bills. These taxes include Fuel Price Adjustment and TR Surcharge–Tariff Rationalization surcharge, FC Surcharge– Financing Cost Surcharge and Deferred Amount.

FPA (Fuel Price adjustment)

This applies to any fluctuations in fuel prices. These are the electricity generated from crude oil.


It is the adjustment of the NEPRA Tarif and GOP Tarif. The “Subsidy” paid by the “GOP” is for a positive difference, while the “Subsidy Payment” paid by “Distribution Company” is for a negative.

FC Surcharge

It secures debt servicing collection. It is possible to change the financing cost, but it is up for the authorities to decide.

Transferred Amount

It is the amount that has no late charges.

QTR Tariff Adjustment

The QTR tariff is added after three months and not monthly. We have created a simple and easy tool to calculate your bill. The calculator is available here.

MEPCO Online bill – Whether you are looking for mepco bill or searching to get your duplicate bill from mepco, just enter your reference number above to see the amount of your bill. Readsblog is an easy-to-use app/website that makes it easy to get mepco utility bills.

Mepco, one of Pakistan’s largest energy providers, serves around 35 million people in 13 districts in south Punjab. It operates in the following districts: Bahawal Nagar (multan), Muzaffar Garh Layyah, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajan Pur.

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