KMU Peshawar Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Download PDF

KMU Peshawar Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Download PDF from this page. Important notice to students’ KMU merit list for the 2024 MBA, BDS, should be made public in a few days. The Khyber Medical University admission department will inform students of their selection this week and prepare the merit list. According to the university’s official website, students who have submitted the Khyber Medical College application form will be notified when the KMU Peshawar Merit List is published. The work is almost completed, with only two weeks left.

According to the rules of KMU, the management at the top ensures that admissions are made on merit and completeness, which the university determines. This is the reason why, each year, thousands of students are admitted, and each student is satisfied with the admissions policy and procedures.

The Khyber Medical University KMU Peshawar Merit List MBBS/BDS has been released in the context of Public Sector Medical and Dental Colleges. Go online to see Khyber Medical University merit lists 2024 for MBBS/BDS/MSPT/DPT and BS Nursing admissions fall/spring. The official release of merit lists for the Khyber Medical School Peshawar’s (KMU), MBBS, BDS and DPT, Ph. D, BS Paramedics, and BS Nursing degrees will be posted here.

KMU Peshawar Merit List 2024 Download Online

However, the goal of the admission test is to ensure those who qualify qualify to be admitted. Officials announce the KMU results system; students can view the results online on this page. The top 40 candidates in each agency and the top 15 from each FR must attend the placement interview scheduled for 9 March 2024. Candidate KMU CAT Answer key 2024 PDF Download.

KMU Peshawar Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd Download PDF

KMU Peshawar Merit List 2023 1st 2nd 3rd Download PDF

KMU Peshawar Merit List 2024 For BS Paramedics

Students who have completed an application for admission to the Khyber Medical College admission form are still waiting for the merit list online as per the university. As per the school, the work is completed, and only a few days remain.

KMU Peshawar 1st Merit List

Following the closing of admission, they will release the 1st merit list. Applicants will be able to check this list when it is declared, after which they will announce the date for student payment on this merit list.

KMU Peshawar 2nd Merit List

KMU Peshawar’s merit list 2nd will be released in February 2022-23. If the merit list is announced, the list, we will post it here on this page. Each year, the institute releases only two merit lists. However, we are hoping that this year, they will release the 3rd merit list since the level of students is extremely high in comparison to previous years.

KMU CAT Final Merit List 2024 provides the most current Merit List for Fall 2024, Morning and Evening. Candidates must take admission tests, regardless of whether they’re qualified. Candidates who have taken tests for admission to the KMU medical entrance test are awaiting their results and merit lists. Officials have released the results of the KMU. A Khyber Medical School Peshawar Merit List 20022 is expected to be released soon. It will include the 1st through 3rd merit lists for MBBS and BDS to KMU.

KMU Peshawar Merit List 2024

We are delighted to announce the KMU Answer Keys 2024 release in PDF format. Interview schedules for BS Paramedics as well as MLT Anesthesia, BS paramedics. And the Dental 1st Merit List BSN fall lists are released. These lists are based on merit. Officials from the University issue the answers to the questions. This is the initial list of BSNs available in the fall semester.

SR MBBS Final Merit List Action
1. Open Merit Download
2. Self Finance Download
3. NMTD(Ex FATA) Display Later
4. Backward Area (MBBS & BDS) Download
5. Disabled Download
6. Minorities Download
7. Reciprocal Download
8. APS Victims Download
9. Overseas Pakistan Foundation Download
10. Foreign Self Finance Download
11. Afghan National Seats Download
12. Self Finance (Minority) Download

Kpk KMU Public Sector Medical Colleges Merit List 2024

It’s important to get the complete list to access the complete list. The KMU Peshawar Merit List consists of students who were chosen for their performance on the admission test administered by ETEA on 13 November 2024. It means that applicants need to wait for a certain amount of time.

Kpk Private Sector Medical Colleges Merit List 2024

KMU Peshawar Merit List BS 2024 This means the lists will be published within the next few days. The merit list consists of three lists. They are based on the principles of KMU. The top management of the institution makes sure that admissions are granted by all merits that the university establishes, and this is the reason why, each year, thousands of students are admitted. Each student is fully satisfied with the admissions policies and procedures.

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