HBL Credit Card Installment Plan 2024

To make your life easier, We have partnered with high-end stores to cater to your lifestyle and comfort needs. HBL Credit Card Installment Plan 2024 for new users of HBL. Habib Bank Limited offers a credit card installment plan as the credit card will be given to the customer. The charges will be cut every month in installments. Please select from a wide range of products our alliance partners provide on an HBL Credit Card Installment Plan. You can make monthly installments according to your schedule without additional charges.

HBL Credit Card Installment Plan 2024

“Installment Plan Term/Period” means the monthly installment amount according to the selection of the Cardmember at the time of applying for the Installment Plan. At its discretion, this Bank can alter any of the HBL Installment Plan’s Terms/Period without giving any reason.

HBL’s Installment Plan (HIP) allows you to convert your HBL Credit Card purchases into easy monthly installments at 0% markup* for up to 36 months. This allows you to spread out the cost of your purchases and make them more affordable.

Here are some of the benefits of using HBL’s HIP:

  • 0% markup* on your installments
  • Easy monthly payments
  • Flexible tenure of up to 36 months
  • Wide range of eligible products

To apply for HBL’s HIP, you must:

  • Be an HBL Credit Card holder
  • Have a good credit history
  • Have a minimum purchase value of PKR 5,000

To apply for HBL’s HIP, you can:

  • Contact your HBL Credit Card customer service representative
  • Apply online through HBL’s Internet Banking platform
  • Visit your nearest HBL branch

Here are some of the terms and conditions of HBL’s HIP:

  • Minimum installment amount is PKR 1,000
  • Late payment fees will apply if installments are not paid on time
  • Prepayment of installments is allowed
  • Early settlement fees may apply for prepaying installments

For more information on HBL’s HIP, please visit the HBL website or contact your HBL Credit Card customer service representative.

Credit Card HBL Installment Plan 2024

“Installment Plan Service Fee/Charge” refers to a fee that the Bank can determine from time to time via the schedule of charges or by an email to the card member. It is to be paid by the Cardmember regarding the Transaction, which was processed and converted to the HBL Installment Plan. HBL Installation Plan.

“Installment Plan Amount” means money paid in monthly installments.

“HBL Credit Card Installment Plan” is an installment equal to the monthly amount to be paid by the card member. It is calculated by dividing the Installment Plan amount by the installment Plan Period. It also includes mark-up costs during the period. “Credit Card Terms and Conditions “Credit Card Terms and Conditions” is used to describe the terms and conditions that apply to the Card. Any capitalized terms not defined herein shall be given the same meaning provided within the Conditions and Terms.

HBL Credit Card Installment Plan 2023

HBL Credit Card General Information

This Instalment Plan aims to permit the Cardholder to purchase/purchase items and services via the Card. Transaction by using the credit Limit on the Card or by converting the balance on the Card. It also allows the Cardholder to pay the balance in equal monthly installments in the HBL Installment Plan.

HBL Credit Card Eligibility

The Installment Plan is available only to essential Cardmembers, with the condition that the Cardmember’s payments are regularly scheduled and before or on the due date for payment by the terms and conditions and that the Cardmember has the available credit limit on the Account. All services, goods, and retail transactions conducted within or outside Pakistan are eligible for conversion into an HBL Installment Plan subject to the terms and conditions that apply to the Card as stated in the above paragraphs.

Incorporating the HBL Credit Card Installment Plan

The Cardmember can benefit from an Installment Plan by calling HBL Phone Banking at 111 111 425 or informing the Customer Services Staff of the details concerning the Installment Plan, including the amount to be paid and the Installment Plan Terms and Periods between 3 and 60 months. With the Bank’s permission, the primary Cardmember can avail of the Installment Plan according to the conditions herein and those in the Credit Card terms and conditions.

The Bank will process and authorize an Installment Plan if the amount is within the Credit Limit. The principal amount of the Installment plus an Installment Interest Sum (the equal monthly Installment Amount) for the month will appear on the Statement of Account separately. Furthermore, the remaining cumulative principal amount of all installment plans booked by the Cardholder on the Credit Card will appear separately in the lower portion of the Account statement.

The Cardmember is responsible for paying the Installment Plan Amount through an Installment Plan monthly, according to the conditions herein and the Credit Card Terms and Conditions.

A Cardmember can take advantage of multiple installment Plans, as permitted by the Bank, following the Cardmember’s Credit Limit.

Invoices and Payments of HBL Credit Card

The Monthly Installment will be charged to the card member immediately after the next statement of Account. The following is the date of obtaining the Installment Plan and each month until the Installment Amount is paid to the Cardholder.

If a card member enrolls in the installment Plan, The Minimum Payment, The amount shown on the Statement of Account will comprise the month-long Installment.

If the Cardmember makes a payment less than the Minimum Amount at the payment date due on the statement of Account, the Cardmember will be required to pay the Service Fees/Charges according to the Credit Card Terms and Conditions.

The Card-member can change their HBL Credit Card Installment Plan Duration or make the Installment Plan amount in entire subject to the Bank’s approval and the payment made by the Card-member of any applicable Installment Plan charges.

Suppose the Card gets suspended or canceled under the terms and conditions, and the Installment Plan is automatically terminated. In that case, the Card member will pay the remaining installment Plan Amount and prepayment charges as soon as they are received—the receipt of an Account Statement. For more details, keep visiting edunewspk.com site.

Security of HBL Credit Card Installment Plan

Good(s) bought under the Installment Plan will be considered hypothecate to the Bank according to the provisions of the clause. Tcard members are not allowed to sell or lease out the goods any of the interest in them.

The liability for product and Service

The Bank is not responsible for any loss or damage that the Card member incurs due to the installation. Purchase or other use related to the good or Service in the Installment Plan or the event of any negligence. Violation of any statutory from the Bank and any responsibility to any extent for the performance of goods. I bought or obtained through the Installment Plan or in any other way.

Modifications, Amendments, and Cancellations

The Bank has the right to, at any point and without notification or obligation towards Card members in any way. Card member in any manner to cancel or modify the Installment Plan or to cancel features or alter. The Bank can also establish the maximum amount permitted within the Installment Plan.

The card member has the right to terminate the installment plan of the bank or end any installment plan. In this case, the Card member is liable to pay the penalty for prepayment according to The Schedule of Charges.

The Bank reserves the right to exclude any Card member from participation if, in its opinion. The Card member has breached the terms of the Installment Plan and Conditions or the Credit Card Terms and Conditions. Any other reason the Bank finds appropriate, regardless of any cause.

The Bank is entitled to refuse or deny any instructions made by the Card member in the Installment Plan.


The Bank will not be held accountable for failing to fulfill its obligations, whether directly or indirectly. Due to any machine or communication system malfunctioning, other causes are beyond its control. Any third-party to the Bank of proof of the application from The Card member in connection with this Installment Plan.

The Installment Plan terms and conditions contained herein do not affect any of the Credit Card Terms. Conditions that govern the use and usage of the Card. These Credit Card Terms and Conditions are also applicable for this Installment Plan. Suppose, at any point, a disagreement arises regarding any of the Installment Plan or Installment Plan Terms and Conditions. In that case, the decision of the Bank regarding the same will be final and in effect.

Cancellation of HBL Credit Card Installment Plan

Suppose a Card member decides to stop/cancel the HBL Installment Plan and then cancels it. The Card member will be responsible for early payment fees applicable to the outstanding installment amounts.

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