GEPCO Duplicate Bill 2023 Online Download by Reference No

If you’d like to verify for and download the GESCO invoice, you only require 14 digits of the Reference numbers (without any gaps) from your last electricity bill. Within only a few minutes, a copy the bill will be in your hand. Online access is free to the most up-to-date GEPCO bill. It is easy to see the total amount that you paid for you Gepco wapda invoice along with the due date here. You can also read the complete bill’s text and print it out, or save the image of your bill. To view what you have on your Gujranwala electric bill just input the reference number below:

According to PM Pakistan An important step was taken in the Ministry of Energy (MOE). GEPCO introduces an innovative Complaint Redressal System for instant resolution of queries from consumers about electricity and problems.

GEPCO Bill Online-You can check the most recent GEPCO Bill. You can quickly see the total amount you’ll be liable for in your Gepco wapda account as well in the due date. It is also possible to read the entire bill’s content and print it out as well as save the image of your bill. To see you Gujranwala electricity bill simply enter the reference number in the box below. This is how you can access online your GEPCO bill each month click here. The Check Bill website is a cost-free website that allows you to see your GEPCO statement online in just a few minutes.

Bill Email Service

ReadsBlog is a straightforward service that lets you review your electricity bill with gepco. It works with all types of devices and screen sizes. You can download your gepco bill via your smartphone or tablet, or on any other device (bijli bill). Duplicate bills are available from However readings is safe and responsive, so it is compatible with all sizes of screens. You can print or download a gepco duplicate bill to be paid at any branch of any bank.

GEPCO Duplicate Bill 2023

Review your most recent GEPCO Online Bill for August 2023 for no cost. Here is what you paid for the GEPCO WAPDA bill and the due date on this page. GEPCO is a state-owned electric company located in Pakistan. It is a power provider to the citizens of Pakistan via various power stations along with distribution network. GEPCO is also accountable for the collection of bills, billing as well as customer services. They’ve been providing power to the people for over 40 years. GEPCO is always a leader in the field of energy as well as power distribution.

GEPCO Duplicate Bill 2023 Download

You can also view the entire bill, print it out or save the photo on the account. GEPCO Paycheck 2023 Online Gujranwala Electricity Company sends out bills on the internet. GEPCO customers commercial and residential are able to download their bills here. Bill distributors aren’t able to deliver bills to customers’ addresses. Let’s look at for our GEPCO bill online for august 2023 and make sure to pay them in time. In the event of non-payment, GEPCO imposes a late penalty for payment.

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Download GEPCO Duplicate Bill

About Reference Number

If you’re not able to locate your bill’s reference number look up the highlighted the arrow below. Online banking lets you pay your bill. To do this, you must activate the online banking feature on your phone. GEPCO is for Gujranwala Electric Power Company.

Check Other Electricity Company Bill

It was first created under the name of Area Electricity Board Gujranwala in 1977, and is now a an integral part of WAPDA. GEPCO provides electricity to Gujranwala as well as all its adjacent regions. GEPCO offers electricity to Gujranwala and all of its neighbouring areas.


It was renamed to it’s current Distribution Company “GEPCO”, under the supervision and control of the administrative department of the Pakistan Electric Power Company PEPCO in the year 1998. It is believed that there are over 800 million residents living in the area below the GEPCO territory. GEPCO is approximately 17,206 Sq. Km was 3.

GEPCO bill is paid or not?

Many of GEPCO customers are in the country section. GEPCO customers are predominantly Gujranwala and its surrounding regions. 909 million people are consumers at the time of the 31st May, 2021. GEPCO’s main goal is to increase the income of Pakistan’s citizens and to supply electric power to customers. GEPCO employs 17501 people.

GEPCO Bill Payment

GEPCO Gujranwala power bills are payable in many ways that are both offline and online. Pay in cash at any branch of a bank or at a postoffice, and make use of current apps like Easypaisa Jazz Cash, and many others to pay your bill online. If you have an account with a bank and you want to request your bank allow internet banking, and download the bank application to your phone to pay your bill at the gepco. In this section there are an array of bank apps with connections.

Gujranwala Electric Power Company Gepco Duplicate Bill 2023

In our country, a very short time is allowed to pay utility bills. After that date, consumers are required to pay fines. It’s also true that at times, electricity companies do not provide bills in time, and sometimes consumers have to pay the money due to their carelessness. A few years ago, it was a gruelling task to obtain duplicate bills from utilities. Today, Gepco provides a number of its services on the internet. Today, you can access Gepco bill online 2023 for free even if you are at your home.

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GEPCO Duplicate Bill 2023 Online Download by Reference No

GEPCO Duplicate Bill 2022 Online Download by Reference No

GEPCO Online Bill Calculator

You can now determine your GEPCO bill on the internet. All you need to do is input the number of units consumed. This method is straightforward and straightforward to implement. Particularly, it is beneficial for people who are not adept at math. This is especially true for those who are not proficient in math. this tool. If you want to know more about this and would like to use this tool to calculate your bill, you can click the link below.

You’ll require the 14 digits of the Reference Number (without missing gap) from your power bill, to print and verify you GESCO bill. In just a few seconds, you’ll get the bill in a PDF. Now you can access the details of your GEPCO month-end bill on the internet. GEPCO’s Ministry of Energy (MOE) has taken a major step in the direction that of Pakistan’s Prime Minister. Pakistan.

Step By Step Procedure To Get Gepco Online Bill 2023

The first step is to go to the official site for Gujranwala Electric Power Company. On the home page, choose the option “duplicate bill”. You can also use the bold letters hyperlink provided below. On the next page, you will be asked to provide the reference numbers. When you click on the “Show Bill” option you will be taken to a new page that will display your Gepco bill for 2023 online and is available to view and download, or print. We would like to remind you of another important thing:

Always record your reference number in a neat manner without leaving any spaces. This reference number appears on the Gepco bill. Reference numbers that are not current are rejected by the portal. Therefore, make sure you write the exact reference numbers on your latest invoices.

GEPCO Duplicate Bill

If you’re unsure of where to begin, check out the next screen. Support for invoices sent via SMS is a great option provided by GEPCO through their website. It’s impossible to confirm the validity of your Gepco online bill by using either your personal name, as well as CNIC and you’ll need the reference number. Cash payments can be made from any bank branch, bank, or post office or using the latest and most advanced applications such as Easypaisa, JazzCash, and others.

GEPCO Bill Online

You can opt to receive monthly invoices by providing your mobile number along with a reference number. You will be notified by monthly SMS prior to when the date is due. If you’re looking to receive an invoice from GEPCO we recommend that you visit the GEPCO Official Website. This feature isn’t available online and only banks with authorized branches are able to determine if your invoice was paid. So, if you want to know more about the status of your payment, contact the assistance line.

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GEPCO Duplicate Bill FAQs

How can I obtain a GEPCO invoice in duplicate?

If you haven’t received an additional bill copy from your gepco bill then you can obtain one here. Input the number of your reference, look up the most recent bill or download an additional bill copy.

What’s FPA within the GEPCO Wapda bill?

The Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) can be an additional charge that can appear on your bill when the cost in gasoline is fluctuating.

How can I calculate the cost of gepco?

You can utilize our gepco bill online calculator to calculate the amount of your bill depending on the amount of units you’ve utilized.

Can I access my GEPCO online for my bill by CNIC or Meter number?

There is no way to check your bill with name, cnic or meter number since this option is not accessible on the internet.You can however get the reference number from your closest subdivision and then use it to create copies of bills on the internet. The reference number may be located on any old bill copy.

How do I pay my gepco electricity bill?

Please go through the section of this article that is titled “gepco bill payment.”

Do I have the option to change the name of the gepco meters?

Yes, you can have the option of changing the name.The process for changing names is the same as making the connection.

What do I need to do to make an application for bill installments?

Installments aren’t permitted for current bills. However in the event that there is a current amount due (arrears) in your bank account, then you may apply for installments on the amount you want, with interest at the rates of banks.

When will I get my bill for the new gepco meter?

It is possible that you won’t be charged for the first two or three months, but after that you’ll begin receiving bills on an annual basis.If you haven’t received your first invoice for more than 3 months, you can call the hotline, or go to the office of your subdivision closest to you.

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