FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023 Online Application Form

The Pakistani government has announced the launch of a new professional medical services competition known as FPSC CSS 2023. FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023 Online Application Form Download. This new competition is open to all registered medical practitioners in Pakistan and will award a total of PKR2,000 crores in funding over the next ten years. As a registered medical practitioner in Pakistan, you may be wondering if you are eligible to apply for the FPSC CSS 2023 online application form. The short answer is yes, you are eligible to apply. However, before you do so, it’s important that you understand the eligibility requirements and what you need to provide in order to be considered for this competition. We have created an online application form guide that will walk you through each step of the application process. So whether you are ready to apply for FPSC CSS 2023 or not, make sure to check out our guide first.

FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023

The following is the online application form for the FPSC CSS Competitive Exam. Applicants are required to complete this form in order to apply for the exam.

Applicants must have a valid email address and password in order to complete the application form. They will also be required to provide their full name, and contact information including mailing address and telephone number, as well as their motivation for wanting to take the exam. Applicants will also be asked to provide a copy of their passport or driving license.

All applicants are required to submit a resume detailing their experience with CSS, as well as any other relevant information. Applicants who are not residents of Singapore must also provide proof of citizenship or residency in Singapore. The deadline for applications is December 31, 2023.

FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023 Application Form

The Federal Polytechnic, Sagar reserved the 2023 CSS Exam for candidates who have meet the eligibility criteria.
Candidates are requested to submit their application forms Online. The application form is available at the website of FPSC website www.fpsc.edu.pk from 21st January, 2023 to 11th February, 2023.

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Eligibility Criteria:

Candidate must have passed in MAT or equivalent with a minimum 50% marks and should have done one year Industrial Design course/ Diploma in any discipline with a minimum 55% marks OR two years of Interior Architecture course/ Diploma in any discipline with a minimum 60% marks OR three years Architectural Technology course/Diploma in any discipline with a minimum 65% marks

Application Form:

1) Complete the Online Application Form
2) Upload scanned copy of your Academic Documents (Original and Copies). The documents should be scanned at 300 DPI and JPG format
3) Answer the online questions embedded in the application form
4) Pay the Fee through online mode (credit card or net banking). Fees are as follows: Candidates belonging to General Category- Rs 550/- Candidates belonging to SC/ST/PWD category- Rs 100/- DPS candidates- Rs 150/-

[Download Application Form]

FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023 Online Application Form

FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023 Online Application Form

Eligibility Criteria for the FPSC CSS Competitive Exam

The FPSC CSS Competitive Exam is open to all candidates who meet the eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for the FPSC CSS Competitive Exam, you must:

  • Be a citizen of Pakistan or a permanent resident of Pakistan
  • Have a valid college degree from an accredited university in the United States (or Canada) in computer science or a related field
  • Pass the FPSC CSS Competitive Exam
  • For more information about the eligibility criteria and how to apply, please visit our website at www.fpsc.in/css-exam/.

How to Apply for the FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) CSS Competitive Exam is an online examination for individuals who are interested in a career in the Canadian public service. To be eligible for the exam, you must first register with the FPSC and complete the online application form. The exam is available every two years and will be held on November 6, 2023.

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To prepare for the CSS Competitive Exam, you should study the Canadian Public Service Values and Ethics Code, which outlines the professional values and ethical principles that all federal public service employees must uphold. You should also practice writing critical responses to specific questions from previous exams. The FPSC provides a sample critical response question that you can use as a guide.

To submit your application for the CSS Competitive Exam, you need to create an online account with the FPSC and log in to your account. Once you have logged in, click on the “Exams” tab at the top of the page. Then click on “CSS Competitive Exam” under “Current Exams & Programs”.

To apply for this exam, you need to fill out both the online application form and the verification form. The online application form requires information such as your name, date of birth, contact information, education details, work experience details, and any other relevant information that may be required by the FPSC. The verification form is used to verify your identity and eligibility to take this exam.

General Instructions for Applying for the FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023

To apply for the FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023, applicants must first complete the online application form. The online application can be found by visiting the FPSC website and searching “CSS Competitive Exam.” After completing the online application, applicants will need to print out their application forms and submit them with their payment to the FPSC.

Applicants must be graduating seniors in high school or equivalent at the time of applying. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and be able to attend an examination location in person. Payment for the exam fee is required at the time of submitting an application. The examination fee is $60 CAD.

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All questions on the written examination are multiple-choice, with one choice per question. There is no penalty for guessing, and incorrect answers are not penalized. All questions are worth one point, except for questions regarding mathematical calculations (in which case they are worth two points), and questions that ask applicants to write a text description (in which case they are worth three points). A maximum score of 100 points is possible on the written examination.

The oral examination consists of seventy-five minutes of questioning from five examiners representing different areas of CSS design: graphic design, user experience design, front-end development, mobile development, and web development prologises. Unlike the written examination, there is no penalty for guessing on questions asked in the oral examination; however, incorrect answers do still count as points loss. Questions may be difficult or

Important Dates Related to the FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023

Important Dates Related to the FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023:

The FPSC CSS Competitive Exam 2023 will be conducted on January 12, 2024.

To apply for the exam, candidates must first create an online application form through the website of the FPSC. The deadline for submission of online applications is November 30, 2023.

The online application form can be found at the following link:

Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and submit an online application form by the deadline will be invited to take the exam. However, only selected candidates will be notified about their status in advance and informed about the venue and time of taking the exam. The examination fee is Rs. 1200/- per candidate.

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