Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program 2023-24 Apply Online

Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program 2023-24 Apply Online on this page. The Alkhidmat Foundation Loan Program was launched with the intention of providing low-interest loans to the poor. Al Khidmat Foundation Program provides interest-free loans to families with financial problems and helps them to establish small businesses and improve their standard of living. It is recommended to visit their office to request a loan and to complete an application form for a loan.

Read the step-by-step procedure here. You could make an application for an Al- Khidmat Foundation loan by completing an online application form via their website or by visiting the closest Al-Khidmat Foundation center. Donate to Alkhidmat Foundation by Sponsoring an Orphan, or Donating a Ration Bag. Your Donations Can Bring Hope To Those in Need.

Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program Eligibility Criteria

Documents of this type are needed to be able to qualify for the Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program 2023:

  • The applicant needs to complete a form.
  • The applicant must possess an authentic CNIC Identity CNIC ID card.
  • Father’s CNIC ID Card.
  • A valid version from the URL.
  • The knowledge and skills needed to run a small-scale company.
  • An ideal range of age would be between 18-62.
  • Four passport photos from recent times depict the person applying for the passport.

Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program 2023-24 Apply Online

Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program 2023-24 Apply Online

Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program Eligible Cities List

  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Wazirabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Multan
  • Bhawalpur
  • Gujrat
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Kashmore
  • Hyderabad
  • Badin
  • Nawabshah
  • Mirpurkhas
  • Sukkur
  • Larkana
  • Sanghar
  • Tando Muhammad Khan
  • Mirpur AJK
  • Harparkar
  • Khairpur
  • Ghotki
  • Naushero Feroze
  • Thatta
  • Haripur
  • Charsada
  • Malakand
  • Battagram
  • Peshawar
  • Bunir
  • Dir Lower
  • Gilgit

Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program Application Procedure

Visit their office to make an application for an Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program and fill out the required application form. The loan will be provided to you once your application has been evaluated within a week of submission of your application.

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Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program 2023-24 Apply Online

You can call the main office number to find the address of the nearest office in your city (+1-92-304-111-4222).

You can also go to the contact section on their official website to connect with them and discuss their contribution to the Al Khidmat Foundation in more specific terms. Here is the link to their contact page:

Choose the province in which you live, and then click to show your address that corresponds to the city you live the closest.

You can also apply for:

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Akhuwat Loan Scheme

What Are The Objectives Of Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program 2023?

The principal goals that the loan offer has been:

  • Microfinance loans that are interest-free to those in need so that they earn to pay for their living expenses.
  • Promote interest-free loans (Qarz-e-Hasana) as an extraordinary example and an all-encompassing solution for families who are in need.
  • Stimulation and stimulation promotion and capacity building, managing financial risk, as well as the development of motivational skills.
  • To convert Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program beneficiaries into donors. Encourage a sense of community.

Online Apply Through Website

  1. Check out the official website for Al-Khidmat Foundation and click on the section “Loan”.
  2. Select the kind of loan that you would like to get (e.g., Small Business Loan orphan loan, Loan for the mother, Liberation Loan) and click the “Apply Online” button.
  3. Fill out the application form by providing your financial, personal, and business information (if appropriate). Be sure to fill in precise and complete information.
  4. Upload your required documentation like your ID card or business plan, information about collateral, and income evidence.
  5. Review applications and other documents thoroughly prior to sending them.
  6. Once you have submitted your request completed it will be evaluated and approved by The Al-Khidmat Foundation team. In the event that your submission is accepted, you will be notified via email or phone. confirmation via email or by phone.
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By Visiting Nearest Center

Step 1: Visit the closest Al-Khidmat Foundation office or center and ask about the process of applying for loans.

Step 2: Get your loan request form, and fill it in with your financial, personal, and business information (if appropriate).

Step 3: Attach all the documents you need like identification cards, your business plan, collateral information, and proof of income.

Step 4: Send the completed application form along with the required other documents to The Al-Khidmat Foundation team.

Step 5: Your team is expected to examine your application and inform you by phone or email.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the documentation required may differ depending on the kind of loan you’re requesting, and other steps could be required to get loan approval.

It is therefore recommended to get in touch with Al-Khidmat Foundation directly for further details and assistance in the loan application procedure.

Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program Pros And Cons


  • Loans with no interest: Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program are not subject to interest which means you only need to repay only the amount you borrowed.
  • No collateral needed: Some Al-Khidmat Foundation loans don’t require collateral, which makes it much easier for those who do not have a lot of assets to gain access to credit.
  • Help services for customers: The foundation provides financial literacy education and assistance to assist borrowers in achieving their financial or business goals.
  • An easy application process: Al-Khidmat Foundation offers an online loan application process that is convenient and accessible to people who aren’t able to go to the nearest center.


  • Loan amounts are limited: Al-Khidmat Foundation offers relatively tiny amounts of loans, which might not be enough for certain borrowers’ requirements.
  • Expensive eligibility requirements: Applicants for Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Program must meet stringent requirements for eligibility, which could hinder some individuals from getting credit.
  • Processing time is longer: The loan application process could be more time than the other lending institutions because of the strict eligibility requirements and the foundation’s obligation to thoroughly review every application.
  • Coverage limited: Al-Khidmat Foundation operates predominantly in Pakistan which means that those who aren’t in Pakistan are not able to access their loans.
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Final Words

If you wish to be eligible to receive an Al Khidmat Foundation loan, you must make contact with the local office. We’ve given you all the necessary information to reach them. It’s an excellent alternative for loans in emergencies and small business loans. It’s also great for wedding loans, as well as home loans.

Alkhidmat Foundation Head Office Info

  • Address: Alkhidmat Complex, 3km Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92-304-111-4222
  • Helpline: 0800 44 44 8
  • Website:
  • Helpline: +92-42-35862862
  • Email:

Al-Khidmat Foundation FAQs

What is Al-Khidmat Foundation?

Al-Khidmat Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Pakistan that offers a range of services for the poor, such as the ability to provide loans with no interest for small enterprises, education, as well as health initiatives.

How can you apply for an Al-Khidmat Foundation loan?

You are able to make an application for an Al-Khidmat Foundation loan by filling out the online application form on their website or by visiting the closest Al-Khidmat Foundation center and submitting an application on paper.

What kinds of loans do Al-Khidmat Foundation offer?

Al-Khidmat Foundation offers several types of loans, such as small-business loan, educational loans health loans, and support loans for orphans.

What are the requirements for eligibility to be eligible for the Al-Khidmat Foundation loan?

The criteria for eligibility to be eligible for Al-Khidmat Foundation loans vary depending on the kind of loan, however, generally, those applying for loans must be Pakistani citizens with a valid business or plan for a project and prove their ability to pay back the loan.

Does the Al-Khidmat loan cost-free?

The answer is yes, all Al Khidmat Foundation Loan Programs are interest-free. That means that borrowers are only required to repay only the amount they borrowed.

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