AG Sindh Pay Slip 2024 Download by CNIC |

Accountant General AG Sindh pays slip 2024 online download from this page. AG Sindh Pay Slip 2024 Download by CNIC Number. Employees receive their Govt of Sindh pay slips via email online. This is how Sindh government workers can download their entire month’s pay slips to their email addresses. Workers should sign up immediately to access their online payslips from their inboxes. This method has proven effective in many months and may allow you to send the 2024 wage slip directly from your Gmail account.

Online Salary Slip Download

You can get your AG Sindh pay slip for 2024 from the Sind Government employees online by following these instructions. Follow the below instructions to create your salary slip account. Your registered email address will be subscribed to receive your Sindh education and police, Wapda, and rescue payslips.

AG Sindh Epayroll- E Pay Slip System Able to Work Well. The Ag Sindh Epay Slip system works smoothly, with no server outages or difficulties reported. Workers are receiving their payslips and payrolls very quickly. AG Sindh’s website is attractive and well-maintained. You will find the Pay Slip Link on the right side, and you can click the page to LOG IN.

AG Sindh Pay Slip Download Online

Log in to ag Sindh’s online e-payslip system to view your pay slip. Make sure you don’t forget your password after entering your number.

Download Slip Online

Salary slippage for employees

PIFRA can access all information the Sindh finance department provides via the site to develop and distribute online wage slips for the Sindh AG Office.

The Ag Sindh EPay Slip system works without problems, and there have been no server outages. Employees can quickly access their payrolls to get their payslips. The interface of the AG Sindh website is attractive and well-organized. The login page will appear when you click the Pay Slip Link to the screen’s right.

AG Sindh Pay Slip 2024 Download by CNIC |

AG Sindh Pay Slip 2023 Download by CNIC |

AG Sindh Epayroll- E Pay Slip System Working OK. There has been no server downtime or trouble reported. Employees are downloading their payslips – and payrolls very easily. The interface of the AG Sindh website looks nice and is well-managed. You will find the Pay Slip Link on the right side of this page. Click the link to LOG IN to open the page.

Login requirements for Ag Sindh Pay Slip

  • The login page for the Ag Sindh pay slip is at
  • Logging in to Ag Sindh Pay Slip requires a valid username and password. However, you may also be asked for your
  • email address or username.
  • You can reach the Ag Sindh Pay Slip Login page using a compatible browser.
  • An internet connection with a decent speed is available on any tablet, smartphone, laptop, or computer.

Register by email for PaySlip.

 In 2024, the Office of the Accountant General of Sindh introduced the PaySlip Email Registration Solution to generate and use email addresses of all Government of Sindh employees who receive salary via payroll.

Here is an online Payslip for Sindh government employees. You can download the entire month’s Payslip to your Email Address. Please register now to ensure that all Government of Sindh employees can access their online Payslips in their inboxes. This works for many months, and you can easily receive your salary slip 2024 to your Gmail account.

Ag Sindh Pay Slip Login Tips

  • Here are some tips to ensure a successful login
  • To avoid login problems, ensure that your internet connection is stable.
  • In each section, enter the correct login information.
  • If you still have trouble logging in, click the “Forgot Password” link.

Email Registration for PaySlip-EmployeesPortal

Registration for PaySlip Emails in 2024: The Office of the Accountant General Sindh will create an email address ( for each Government of Sindh employee paid through payroll.

ag Sindh e-payslip LOG In

Register now if you have not yet registered. Enter your number and choose password/confirm password. Do not forget to enter the password. Enter you’re Enter NIC#(xx-xx-x), Enter the Appointment Date(dd. mm. I), and Enter your Mothers’s Maiden Name (when you forget your password, this information will also be needed); click Submit. This is only for employees of Sindh. All data will be about Sindh employees.

Official Web Portal of the Sindh Government

SPPRA Rules 2010, Sindh Government Rules of Business, 1986; Sindh Local Government Act 2013, Final Bidding Documents For Works (Amended 2013). More Rules: Chief Secretary’s Notice of PPRA, 2009 Sindh Public Procurement Act. The IT Policy and Action Plan of the Pakistani Ministry of Science and Technology.

How do I obtain my Sindh salary slip online?

You can access your salary slip online at or fill out a registration form to get your monthly salary slip by mail. You can also access the DDO budget spending status and bill status.

Employees of the Sindh AG Staff & Officers’ Appointment and Promotion, Grade Selection and Grade Selection. A seniority list is created for employees and officers. 3. All instances of AAOs that do not include pensions. The G P Fund approved staffing up to B-16 and final payments of Gazetted Officers. Association cases. Cashier’s Office

New Email Solution for Pay Slips Sindh Govt Employees

The Office of the Accountant General Sindh (OAC) announced a new email pay slip solution for government employees in Sindh on October 11, 2019. Here are the details: Sindh workers can now receive their online pay slips via email. The office of the Accountant General Sindh is doing everything possible to help government employees in Sindh.

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